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Year of Celebrating Social Service Partners

Year of Celebrating Social Service Partners

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Celebrating those who make a giant impact on others:
Our Social Service Partners

The Ministry of Social and Family Development has designated 2023 as its Year of Celebrating Social Service Partners (YCPartners) to recognise the integral contributions of corporates, social service agencies, professionals, academics, social enterprises, volunteers and many more from within and beyond the social service sector who work with us and each other in nurturing and building lives together.

Who are our Social Service Partners?

Our Social Service Partners include social service practitioners and their respective agencies, corporates, social enterprises, volunteers, and donors. Our partners also include academics and educators whose research guide our implementation efforts. With these partners and their contributions, we can better serve those in need to build strong families and a caring society.

Social Service Professionals and Agencies

Our Social Service Agencies (SSAs) walk the ground daily and are attuned to the changing needs of beneficiaries. They work continuously to serve and provide support for specific groups.

Corporates and Social Enterprises

Business organisations and social enterprises provide not just donations. They also lend their talents and skills that bring about innovative initiatives and solutions to support beneficiaries and agencies.

Academics and Educators

IHLs and academics also play a pivotal role. As researchers, you help practitioners uncover new data, evaluate programmes, and find better ways to deliver social services. IHLs have trained generations of bright-eyed young students into competent social service professionals. Educators are also partners in our endeavour to give every child a good start, starting from early childhood education.

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