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Premises for SSAs

Social Service Agencies (SSAs)​ can seek support and advice from us to secure premises for their activities.

Application for use of HDB void deck spaces 

Download and fill the application forms: 

Application form for void deck spaces

Annex A for Application form

SSA can send the completed form to HDB
For more information or query, please email to:  


Application for use of Community Centres 

SSAs can make use of commercial space for lease at Community Clubs (CCs). 

SSAs can contact the property management agent of the People's Association directly for more information. 

View the available CC spaces for lease

Application for use of Disused State Buildings 

SSAs​ may also look for vacant State properties to use while these properties are pending future developments. 

These properties are usually premises which were previously schools, community centres or camps.

The list of State properties that are available for lease can be found at State Property Information Online (SPIO).

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