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These websites, set up by MSF, provides easily accessible information and enhance the administrative process for many of MSF's services.


Child Development

Child Development Account Status

View your child's cash gift disbursement status and CDA details.



Directory of Family and Community Services

Search for Family Service centres serving your area, child care and student care centres, Social Service Agencies (SSAs), and other family services.


ECDA Preschool Search Portal

ECDA Preschool Search Portal

Parents may view vacancy information provided by the child care centres and register your interest with the centres. 


Gambling Safeguards

Problem gambling is an addiction that could lead to serious problems for both the gamblers and their families. It is important to recognise the risks. If you or your family members require help to manage your gambling behaviours, you may find out more about the gambling safeguards and resources available on the NCPG website.


Government-Paid Leave (GPL) Schemes

Government-Paid Leave (GPL) Schemes

Apply for reimbursement under the following GPL schemes (employer and self-employed persons):

a) Government-Paid Maternity Leave (GPML)
b) Government-Paid Paternity Leave (GPPL)
c) Government-Paid Shared Parental Leave (SPL)
d) Government-Paid Child care Leave (GPCL) and Extended Child care Leave (ECL)
e) Adoption Leave for Mothers (AL)

Working Mothers who do not qualify for the GPML scheme may be able to apply for benefits under the Government-Paid Maternity Benefit (GPMB) scheme.

Mothers who are eligible for GPML and AL and would like to share their leave with their husbands, can make an election under the SPL scheme.


Rehabilitation and Protection

Rehabilitation and Protection Group (RPG) Partners’ Portal

For service providers: Access the Portal to view and submit information of your assigned RPG's clients.

For existing RPG volunteers: Access the Portal to view activities and update your details.

For new volunteers: Access the Portal to apply to be a RPG volunteer.



Apply for Pre-Adoption

Apply for Pre-Adoption Workshops

With effect from 2 Jan 2012, it is mandatory for all prospective adopters to attend a pre-adoption briefing conducted by SSAs which have been accredited by MSF, before they commence with any adoption application. The briefing will provide you with all relevant information on adoption, such as the adoption process and the responsibilities of being an adoptive parent.


Apply for Home Study

Apply for Home Study for Adoption

If you wish to adopt a child who is not a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident, you must undergo a home study by an MSF accredited SSA. A home study is required to assess the applicants' eligibility and suitability to adopt a child. This must be done prior to starting the adoption process.



Foster Parents


Apply to be Foster Parents

Touch a life. Foster a child. Apply to be foster parents today.



Submit Marriage Application


Submit Marriage Application

File your notice of marriage by submitting a marriage application using this e-service. The form will take approximately 20 minutes to complete if all required information has been prepared.

Singpass is required for this e-service.


Download Summary of Application


Download Summary of Application

Retrieve details of the notice of marriage you have submitted, including instructions on documents to produce for your appointment with ROM and solemnisation.

Singpass is required for this e-service.


Marriage Applications


Search for Marriage Application

Complimentary online service for members of public to search for marriage applications submitted to ROM. To conduct the search, you need to provide groom or bride’s identity details at the time of application.


Marriage Records


Search for Marriage Records

Members of public may search for records of civil marriages registered with ROM.


Apply for Duplicate of Marriage Certificate


Apply for Duplicate of Marriage Certificate

Couples may request for a duplicate of marriage certificate for civil marriages registered in Singapore on or after 15 September 1961.



Change Solemnisation Details

Couples may use this e-service to change solemnisation details (e.g. date, time, venue, witnesses or solemniser). This e-service is only applicable for applications that are within the notice validity period.

Singpass is required for this e-service.


Update completion


Update Completion of Mandatory Marriage Preparation Programme

It is compulsory that couples attend a Marriage Preparation Programme if one or both of the parties is/are below 18 years old and either party is a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident.

Such couples may update the completion of the programme through this e-service using Singpass.


Change Verification Document & Statutory Declaration (VD/SD) Appointment


Change Verification Document & Statutory Declaration (VD/SD) Appointment

Couples may use this e-service to change VD/SD appointment date or time.

Singpass is required for this e-service.