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Be wary of scams or phishing attempts (e.g. fake website on MSF Services). From 1 July 2024, government SMSes will be sent from a single Sender ID “gov.sg”. MSF will never ask you to send money, give us your credit card information, or One-Time Passwords (OTP). Learn more from our scam advisory.

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We strengthen the social service sector by joining hands with social service agencies, corporations, community groups, academia and volunteers to better meet community needs.

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“There are many programmes being offered at ComLink+. My son receives tuition there and it has been a smooth and happy experience for him. It is convenient as the programme is located just next to my block so I do not need to worry about travelling.”

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We are building a more inclusive society where persons with disabilities are empowered and enabled to realise their true potential.

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We build strong families by supporting marriage and parenthood, and support every child so they can achieve their fullest potential.

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We believe in giving every child a good start at KidSTART Singapore.

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Start your volunteering journey today

Join us at Volunteering Fest in July, to learn more about volunteering and explore various volunteering opportunities near you.

Break the Silence

Call the National Anti-Violence & Sexual Harassment Helpline (NAVH) at 1800-777-0000 or make an online report​ via the NAVH Reporting Form.

Year of Celebrating Volunteers

If your heart beats for helping those in need and bettering the lives of families, you’ve come to the right place. Volunteer with us to nurture and build lives together.

Updates from the MSF Family!

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MSF’s Forward SG Engagements

Through MSF's Care pillar engagements, Singaporeans brought up ideas and aspirations to build a Singapore Made For Families.

A Singapore Made for Families 2025

Learn more about how the government, community partners, businesses and individuals come together to co-create a Singapore Made For Families.​​​​​​

We are accredited the Enabling Mark (Gold) by SG Enable since 2021

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ComCare Hotline


To enquire about financial or social support.

Airtime charges apply for mobile calls to 1800 service lines.


National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline (NAVH)


To report child abuse, adult abuse, or domestic violence-related matters. If there is imminent danger to life and safety, please call the police at 999.

Airtime charges apply for mobile calls to 1800 service lines.

MSF Consolidated Hotline


To enquire about other areas such as marriage, problem gambling, early childhood or Lasting Power of Attorney.

Airtime charges apply for mobile calls to 1800 service lines.


Find your nearest Social Service Office, Student Care Centre, Family Service Centre or Strengthening Families Programme location.

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Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)

ECDA oversees the development of children below 7 in kindergartens and child care.

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National Council of Social Service (NCSS)

NCSS leads and coordinates the social service sector in Singapore, and works together with Social Service Agencies.

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raiSE Singapore

raiSE is an ecosystem builder set up to raise awareness and support for Social Enterprises in Singapore. raiSE provides credibility to them through BusinessForGood branding and supports them with venture building initiatives.

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SG Enable

As the focal agency for disability in Singapore, SG Enable is the First Stop for persons with disabilities and their caregivers, and for partners seeking to build an inclusive society and enabling lives.

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Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC)

SNTC's services aim to empower caregivers to put in place proper plans and arrangements that will enhance the financial well-being of their loved ones with special needs.

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