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Where to Seek Help

National Anti-Violence & Sexual Harassment Helpline (NAVH)



Airtime charges apply for mobile calls to 1800 service lines.

NAVH Online Reporting Form


Why Seek Help

You and your loved ones have the right to feel safe. There are trained professionals who care about your safety, and will listen to your difficulties and discuss suitable next steps.


How Is Violence Affecting your Life

When violence takes place within the family, the impact is felt by everyone. Singapore takes a serious view of violence in any form – the community and the government will step in to provide protection to victims of violence and to address the offending behaviour.


Domestic Violence is No Private Matter

Your intervention can help save lives. Don't let domestic violence stay behind closed doors.​

National Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment Helpline

If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, call the NAVH at 1800-777-0000 immediately.

The Signal for Help

This simple, one-handed gesture is for survivors of domestic violence to discreetly show that they need help and want someone to check in on them in a safe manner.

Do your PART, learn the Signal for Help

We invited some people to witness scenes of abuse.