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A Journey Towards Resilience with ComLink+

Life's trials aren't just about hurdles; they're about the triumphs that follow. Meet Mr Lim Eng Hua, whose journey with ComLink+ exemplifies the power of community in adversity. In the face of job loss and medical bills, champions like family coach Mr Alex Chia and volunteer befriender Mr Elvis Sio came by his side and made a profound impact.

In life, it's often said that it's not about the challenges we face, but how we overcome them. In the case of Mr Lim Eng Hua, his journey with his ComLink+ support network is testament to the transformative power of community in times of adversity. It was August 2023, and Mr Lim found himself at a crossroads after losing his job. Suddenly, the pressing demands of daily life piled up, adding to the weight of crucial expenses for his regular high blood pressure check-ups and therapy sessions for his 11-year-old son, who has dyslexia. Mr Lim often skipped medical appointments and therapy sessions to save money.

But just when the clouds seemed darkest, a ray of hope emerged. Mr Alex Chia, a ComLink+ family coach, and Mr Elvis Sio, a volunteer befriender became more than just support figures—they became consistent champions journeying alongside Mr Lim.

Alex guided the family towards appropriate assistance, helping Mr Lim apply for the COVID-19 Recovery Grant and pointing him to educational bursaries by the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) to ease their financial burden. Alex also connected Mr Lim with a Medical Social Worker, and helped him obtain additional financial assistance from MediFund. Thanks to these efforts, Mr Lim's son now attends sponsored therapy sessions at DAS and has shown remarkable progress in his learning journey.

With Alex’s support , Mr Lim navigates the job market with resilience and determination. They have developed an action plan together, focused on securing employment and enhancing the family’s financial stability. And with Elvis' dedicated friendship, they don't just weather the storm—they thrive.

Elvis goes above and beyond to build rapport, arranging enriching activities for the family. They have monthly catch-ups, gone on an outing to the S.E.A. Aquarium, and even have a WhatsApp group, fondly named "ComLink Brotherhood”, which has become a safe haven where Mr Lim can share his worries and find support.

The impact is profound. Mr Lim's once-distant goals suddenly feel within reach, and he is inspired to pursue them with newfound vigour.

“As the sole breadwinner, I was motivated to bounce back from unemployment to provide for my family. I am grateful for the assistance received through ComLink+ that tided me through that period,” said Mr Lim.

Photo of ComLink+ beneficiary Mr Lim and his son, with Mr Alex and Mr Elvis

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Transforming Lives: Empowering Families with Children with Disabilities

Every parent has been through the chaos of tantrums and meltdowns, but when his son Mateen's episodes escalated, Mr Muhammad Firdaus bin Mohamed Rawi and his wife found themselves in uncharted territory. As stress and frustration mounted, they realised something deeper was at play.

Little did they know their journey was about to take an unexpected turn into the world of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and, ultimately, lead them to the support of AWWA Fernvale Link's Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC).

At just 6 years old, Mateen's progress with AWWA's EIPIC since January 2023 has been nothing short of extraordinary. Weekly sessions with speech therapists and psychologists focused on crucial areas like socio-emotional learning, communication skills, and even toilet training. Mateen’s tantrums have reduced significantly, and he's become more expressive and talkative. So much so that his sessions at EIPIC have been scaled back from three to two sessions a week— a testament to the strides he's made.

But Mateen isn't the only one who experienced a transformation. Mr Firdaus, too, has noticed a profound shift in his parenting experience. A pivotal moment was when he participated in AWWA's “Behaviour Management Coaching”, where Mr Firdaus gained practical strategies and techniques to manage Mateen’s behaviour. And when Mateen had a serious meltdown, Mr Firdaus didn't hesitate to put his newfound knowledge into action—with heartwarming results. Mateen reciprocated with the biggest hug and heartfelt words of love—a touching moment that spoke volumes about the power of timely support and caregiver intervention.

And it didn't stop there. Mr Firdaus found solace and camaraderie in parent support groups and kopichat sessions, where he connected with fellow caregivers facing similar challenges.

Mr Firdaus and Family, EIPIC Participant

And so, in the wake of their epic journey with AWWA's EIPIC, families like Mr Firdaus' emerge ready to face any obstacles. Here's to programmes like EIPIC—that show us that with a sprinkle of help and a whole lot of heart, the impossible becomes possible!


Finding Purpose and Growth in a Social Sector Career

Mr Binu Ravindran’s foray into the realm of social service was sparked by early interactions with persons with disabilities, including a family member, and a deep-seated desire to make a difference.

Over the past two decades, Mr Binu's trajectory has been anything but ordinary. With each role he undertook, from speech-language therapist to trainer, consultant to Head of Allied Health Services, he added new skills to his repertoire. He is currently seconded to St. Andrew's Autism Centre as the Head of Therapy Services, under the Sun Ray scheme by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). He has brought strategic direction and operational excellence to the social service sector, leaving a trail of impact in his wake.

Beyond professional milestones, Mr Binu’s journey has been one of continuous growth and learning. Throughout his career, he has amassed a treasure trove of certifications and courses, each one a stepping stone on his quest for knowledge and understanding of special education. And with the help of the Sun Ray scheme, he has received the guidance and mentorship needed to transition seamlessly into leadership, meeting fellow leaders from the social service sector who strengthen his support network.

For Mr Binu, the heart of the job transcends titles or accolades—what he finds most fulfilling is experiencing his team's growth, fostering their talents, and refining their expertise. Seeing them transform into experts in their field and the profound impact they make on the lives of others deeply resonates with him.

So what's Mr Binu's advice from his wealth of experience?

Photo of Mr Binu, Head of Therapy Services, St. Andrew's Autism Centre

For social service professionals seeking career advancement, whether as a caseworker, therapist, or aspiring leader, the sector offers many opportunities for growth.

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