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Sabbatical Leave Scheme

The Sabbatical Leave Scheme aims to provide social workers the opportunity to recharge and refresh themselves. The scheme also provides social workers the opportunity to engage in activities for professional advancement.

Social workers who qualify can get:

  1. 10 weeks of paid leave with salary support up to a maximum of S$15,000 during the sabbatical period
  2. A professional advancement sponsorship package which covers training/activity fees and other approved related expenses, capped at $30,000 per successful applicant.

The entire Paid Leave and Professional Advancement Sponsorship Package is worth S$45,000.

The Sabbatical Leave Scheme is administered by the National Council of Social Service.

For More Info

Sabbatical Leave Scheme

National Council of Social Service
170 Ghim Moh Road
#01-02 NCSS Centre
Singapore 279621
Tel: (65)6210 2500
Fax : (65) 6467 1705


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