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Incidence of domestic violence against children aged 12 and under in blended families

Incidence of domestic violence against children aged 12 and under in blended families

Published On
24 Feb 2021

Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim: To ask the Minister for Social and Family Development whether the number of cases of domestic violence or abuse involving children below the age of 12 is higher for children in blended families or with step-parents, compared to those children who are not.


            Among the cases investigated by MSF’s Child Protective Service in 2018 and 2019 involving children 12 years old and below, about 70 to 75% of the cases involved children living with either one or both biological parents. The remaining cases comprised households where parents have new spouses or partners, extended families, etc.

2          All forms of family violence, including abuse against children must not be tolerated. If you are not sure that children are being abused in the family, but are worried because there are signs of abuse, please call the 24-hour National Anti-Violence Helpline at 1800-777 0000. This is a dedicated helpline for reporting of violence and abuse which started operations since last month. This helpline consolidates the support provided by various existing helplines dealing with abuse and violence. We urge neighbours, family members and members of the public to look out for each other, step forward and report concerns about abuse or neglect, so that children in our midst can be protected and assisted in a timely manner.


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