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Number of Persons with Disabilities Benefiting from Assistive Technology Fund in Past Three Years

Number of Persons with Disabilities Benefiting from Assistive Technology Fund in Past Three Years

Ms Rahayu Mahzam
MP for Jurong GRC


To ask the Minister for Social and Family Development for the past three years (a) how many persons with disabilities have benefitted from the Assistive Technology Fund (ATF); (b) what is the total amount disbursed under ATF; (c) whether there have been appeals for further disbursements beyond the $40,000 cap; and (d) if so, what is the total number of appeals.


1 The Assistive Technology Fund (ATF), administered by SG Enable, is a subsidy scheme to help persons with disabilities to defray the cost of buying, replacing, upgrading and repairing assistive devices. The Fund covers devices used for rehabilitation, education, employment, early intervention, training and independent living. 

2 In the Financial Year 2018, a total of 2,037 persons with disabilities benefitted from the ATF, an increase from 1,450 and 1,808 persons with disabilities in FY16 and FY17 respectively. The total amount disbursed over the past three years was $10 million. Thus far, MSF and SG Enable have not received any appeals for further disbursements beyond the $40,000 individual cap under the ATF. 

3 Persons with disabilities who require information and advice on the use of assistive technology can also visit Tech Able, an integrated assistive technology space at the Enabling Village. They can view a range of assistive technology solutions, as well as receive services such as assessment and advice by on-site specialists.

4 MSF is committed to support the adoption of assistive technology among persons with disabilities as this can help to maintain and improve the functional capabilities of the individual, and allow them to better integrate into society. We have set up a cross-sectoral workgroup under the 3rd Enabling Masterplan this year, which will further look at how technology and design can be leveraged to support independent living for persons with disabilities. 
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