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Planning and development of Senior Activity and Care Centres in existing HDB towns

Planning and development of Senior Activity and Care Centres in existing HDB towns

Published On
09 Jan 2017

9 JANUARY 2017 


Mr Leon Pereira
Non-Constituency Member of Parliament

To ask the Minister for Social and Family Development

(a) how is the number and capacity of senior activity and care centres determined in existing HDB towns;

(b) whether the current planning parameters are sufficient; and

(c) how many senior activity centres are there in the Bedok South area.

Written Answer

MSF and MOH have been working closely together to meet the full spectrum of social and healthcare needs of our seniors so they can age gracefully within the community. 

MSF sets up Senior Activity Centres (SACs) to reach out to low-income and vulnerable seniors staying in HDB rental flats. SACs conduct activities such as outreach, home visits and centre-based activities, to encourage seniors to form social support networks and help detect risks early. An SAC is usually established when there is a reasonable number of seniors in the rental blocks. Larger centres are built in locations with more seniors within a cluster of rental blocks. MSF regularly reviews the planning and development of SACs, taking into account factors such as the projected elderly population in upcoming rental blocks, the SAC utilisation patterns and users' feedback. There is currently a total of 5 SACs in Bedok planning area, including one in Bedok South subzone.

MOH develops Senior Care Centres (SCCs) to provide day care and rehabilitation services to seniors with care needs. MOH plans for these centres, taking into account projected demand based on a combination of factors such as demographics and incidence of disability. MOH conducts regular reviews of projections and adjusts development plans, based on updated information, to ensure that our seniors’ care needs are adequately met. Within Bedok planning area, there are 5 centres that can serve about 300 seniors every day. In 2017, the new Chai Chee nursing home will also have a new day centre that can serve an additional 100 seniors. 

SACs and SCCs complement each other to meet the social and healthcare needs of our seniors in the community. MSF and MOH will continue to work together to ensure that seniors are able to access the support and care services they require.​

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