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Clarification on online article about Mr 'Aesan'

Type: Fact Check

Topic(s): Financial Assistance & Social Support

You may have read an online article about Mr Aesan.

We would like to share that Mr Aesan recently moved into an interim rental flat. @27 Family Service Centre is working with Mr Aesan on his long-term housing plans.

The Social Service Office (SSO) has assisted Mr Aesan with ComCare financial assistance since 2015. In addition, the SSO has provided him with interim cash assistance for his immediate needs when settling into his rental unit, and is sourcing for basic household items on his behalf.

Building an inclusive and a caring society is a collective effort. You can play a part by helping vulnerable individuals you encounter. You can call the ComCare hotline at 1800-222-0000, or approach the nearest SSO or FSC for assistance. ‚Äč