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Data on Infant Care and Child Care Subsidies for Each Month in the Last 2 Years

Type: Parliamentary Questions

Topic(s): Children & Families, Financial Assistance & Social Support

Ms He Ting Ru asked the Minister for Social and Family Development in relation to infant care and child care subsidies (a) for each month in the last two years, how many applications are made under the Special Approval framework for each of the schemes; (b) how many are successful for each of the schemes; and (c) whether children living in public rental flats or in households receiving Comcare will continue to qualify for maximum pre-school subsidies automatically until the next fixed point of assessment, regardless of their mother’s working status.


Under Special Approval, applicants who are not working due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. illness, seeking employment, undergoing training/skills upgrading, and those who need to care for other dependants) receive subsidy support equivalent to what a working mother applicant will receive.

2. Around 10,000 applications for Special Approval are made each year, with around 95% approved.

3. Since August 2020, families under HDB’s Public Rental Scheme or MSF’s ComCare schemes are automatically eligible for maximumpreschool subsidies until the next fixed point of assessment, regardless of the mother’s working status. There is no change to this provision.