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Regulation of child care centres

Type: Parliamentary Questions

Topic(s): Children & Families

To ask the Minister for Social and Family Development (a) whether all student care centres in Singapore are regulated by the Ministry; and (b) whether there are requirements for background checks or screening of candidates to be teachers, staff or volunteers at student care centres and, if not, whether the Ministry has any plans to do so in the future.


1. Student Care Centres (SCCs) that administer the Student Care Fee Assistance (SCFA) scheme are registered with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). These SCCs are prohibited from employing individuals who have been convicted, warned, or are being investigated, for offences involving dishonesty or moral turpitude. SCC staff are required to declare whether they have criminal records, have been charged in a court or are being investigated by the police, in Singapore and/or other countries.

2. Registered SCCs are also required to meet stipulated standards in areas of supervision, physical environment, operating hours, safety, health and hygiene, and provide a structured daily programme.

3. MSF conducts audits on registered SCCs to ensure compliance with the above requirements.