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Results of Survey of Preschool Operators administered in the middle of 2022

Type: Parliamentary Questions, All

Topic(s): Children & Families

Assoc Prof Jamus Jerome Lim asked the Minister for Social and Family Development whether the Ministry is able to release the results, suitably anonymised if necessary, of the survey of preschool operators administered in the middle of 2022.


             As part of its consultations with the early childhood sector, the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) carried out a one-off survey for preschools on the extent of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera deployment, and their experience running them. The survey garnered responses from over 800 respondents across government and nongovernment funded operators.

2.          As previously disclosed, more than 60% of preschool respondents had already installed CCTV cameras on their premises. CCTV cameras were more commonly installed at the entrances, classrooms, and children activity areas. Respondents cited security, child safety, and facilitation of internal investigations as their top reasons for installing CCTV cameras.

3.          Respondents that had not installed CCTV cameras cited concerns around the privacy of children and staff as key reasons for their decision.

4.          ECDA has since mandated that CCTV cameras must be installed in all centres from 1 July 2024. In support of this mandate, ECDA has issued guidelines to operators on the appropriate installation of CCTV cameras and development of protocols to govern the use of and access to CCTV camera footage. We will work closely with operators to ensure that CCTV cameras are implemented in a way that protects the privacy of children, staff and other individuals within preschool premises.