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Youth Information System

What is the Youth Information System?

It is an information system which enables ministries to share data on our youth, especially those who are in need of help, support and assistance.

What are the aims of the Youth information System?

By sharing data, Ministries are able to draw a composite picture of youth in Singapore so that the Government may:
  • fine-tune youth research studies
  • better formulate youth policies 
  • develop more tailored programmes for youth
YIS will be used to help our youth stay crime-free or be supported with appropriate follow-up, where necessary. . 

Who set up the Youth Information System?

The Ministry’s Central Youth Guidance Office (CYGO) led the effort in collaboration with:

CYGO was established by MSF (previously known as Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports) to co-ordinate inter-agency efforts to improve services and support for youths.

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Last Reviewed On Tue, Dec 20, 2016