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Previous Enabling Masterplans

Previous Enabling Masterplans

Header banner for The Enabling Masterplans, depicting a row of people including persons with disabilities and a caregiver.
The EMP 3 Employment and Independent Living Workgroup reports were released in April 2021.

Click for the Employment and Independent Workgroup reports media release and here for the Inclusive Preschool reports media release.

Click the links below for the workgroup reports: MSF announced new initiatives to improve disability care services and case management support for persons with disabilities with high support needs in Apr 2021. Click here for the media release.

What are the Enabling Masterplans?

The masterplans are five-year roadmaps for the government and the community to work together, to support persons with disabilities (PwDs). The Enabling Masterplans cover many areas across each life stage, including early detection, education, employment, health, assistive technology, infrastructure, among others.

These masterplans help us build a caring and inclusive Singapore, where persons with disabilities are recognised as, and empowered to be, integral and contributing members of society.

Three masterplans have been released, beginning with the first Enabling Masterplan introduced in 2007. Singapore is currently on our Third Enabling Masterplan (2017 – 2021).

Click on these links to explore the recommendations under each Enabling Masterplan:

How far have we come under the Third Enabling Masterplan?
Under the EMP 3, we have made great strides to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities, support caregivers and build the community, and to build an inclusive society. Several new developments, such as new early intervention programmes, and more affordable SPED school fees, have been made in the Early and schooling years.

Progress has also been made in other areas of life, such as measures to support the employment of persons with disabilities, improve access to healthcare and the built environment, and strengthen caregiver support, digital inclusion, and inclusion in leisure and recreation.

Check out this infographic to find out!
Progress under the Third Enabling Masterplan (2017 - 2021) Highlights
Progress under the Third Enabling Masterplan (2017 - 2021) Highlights
Click here for a high resolution version (3.4mb)

About the Artist
Photo of Isaac Liang
The illustrations on the Enabling Masterplan microsite are by Mr Isaac Liang (, a Deaf illustrator based in sunny Singapore. At the age of four, he started his artistic journey by drawing on the cupboards of his home with crayons. In his free time, he gains inspiration from travelling and cafe-hopping. Through his illustrations, animations and traditional art mediums, Isaac amplifies visions and tells visual stories in an unique way.

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