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Child Custody & Social Investigations

When there is a child custody dispute, the courts may ask the Ministry to conduct an investigation and produce a “Social Report” before deciding on custody matters.

Child custody proceedings are handled by the Family Court. Custody is the right to make major decisions on the welfare and upbringing of the children. Custody can be shared.

When there is a custody dispute, the courts may refer the case to MSF for social investigation. A Child Welfare Officer from the Ministry will conduct the investigation and produce aSocial Report for the court.

Generally, the court will refer the case to MSF for social investigation when:

  • parents cannot agree on who should get custody
  • one parent is concerned about the other parent having access to the child
  • the Court has concerns about the custody of the child

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Family Court

The Family Court of Singapore was set up on 1 March 1995, specialising in forums for family members to seek legal redress in all family-related disputes.

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