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Learn about our policies and stance on issues/topics such as adoption, marriages, divorces, singles, child care & education, abuse and violence, elderly & ageing.


  • Set up & Registration of SSAs

    Information on how to register your SSA as a Society, a Company Limited by Guarantee, and Charity; and how to form a trust and apply for Institution of Public Character (IPC) status.​
  • Supporting Social Enterprise

    The Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE, was set up to raise awareness on social entrepreneurship and raise support for social enterprises in Singapore. ​
  • Promoting Marriages

    When you are a couple, you build assets and work towards common goals. You make up for what the other lacks, caring, sharing thoughts and lives, and giving each other vital emotional support. Your life becomes more enriched. It’s all about the Power of Two.
  • Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse

    Child abuse is defined as any act by a parent or guardian which endangers or impairs the child’s physical or emotional well-being, or is deemed inappropriate by community values and professionals. ​​​
  • Myths about family violence

    Understand the facts about family violence so that you can do something about it.
  • How to help someone who is abused

    You can do something about it. Here are some tips on how you can discuss the issue with someone who has been abused.
  • Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents

    The Commissioner helps parents who are unable to support themselves get support from their children through mediation, counselling, etc.
  • Families for Life

    Families for Life aims to promote strong and resilient families in a genuine and positive way, by bringing Singaporeans together and strengthening the conversation on family.
  • Pro-Family Leave Schemes

    Pro-Family Leave Schemes aims to foster an overall pro-family environment by providing more support to Singaporeans in terms of having and raising children. 
  • Family Service Centres

    FSCs are a key community-based focal point and social service provider for families in need. FSCs are staffed with professional social workers who are ready to provide a listening ear and helping hand.