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Professional Deputy and Donee Scheme

About the Scheme

The Mental Capacity (Registration of Professional Deputies) Regulations 2018 ​came into effect on 1 September 2018, allowing professional deputies to act for persons who lose mental capacity (know as 'P') for remuneration. Professional deputies must be unrelated to P.
The Professional Deputies and Donees (PDD) scheme aims to serve individuals, in particular elderly singles or childless elderly couples, who may not have family members or close friends to rely on to be their proxy decision makers. 

Professionals registered under this scheme come from selected ​professional groups (i.e. lawyers, doctors, accountants, allied health professionals, nurses and social workers). ​Their role is an important one, in which the professional deputy must be prepared to make key decisions affecting P's property & affairs and/or personal welfare.

For more information on the scheme, including the list of registered professional deputies and information on how to be registered as a professional deputy, please click here.

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Last Reviewed On Fri, Jan 11, 2019