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Probation Order

Key Community-Based Rehabilitation Programme

  • Probation is an alternative order option by the Court when dealing with offenders who may otherwise be sent to penal or corrective institutions such as MSF Juvenile Homes, Reformative Training Centre, or the Prisons. 
  • Probationer can continue with most of his/her day-to-day activities such as school, work or National Service 
  • Parental involvement is a key component during probation
  • The Probation Officer will regularly discuss the probationer’s progress with the parents, school or employer before updating the Court. 

Probation Period

  • Between 6 months to 3 years
  • Under the supervision of a Probation Officer under Section 5(1) of the Probation of Offenders Act, Cap 252 

Probation Conditions 

Probationer is expected to comply with certain conditions stipulated by the Court, such as: 

  • Regular reporting sessions to Probation Officer 
  • Time restriction 
  • Community service 
  • Programmes tailored to probationer’s risks and needs

Breach of Probation Conditions 

  • If the probationer does not follow the conditions of his Probation Order, he/she may be given warnings by the Probation Officer or taken to Court. 
  • The Court could either give a warning, amend the Probation Order or revoke the Probation Order and sentence the probationer for the offence for which he/she was placed on probation. 
  • The Court can impose additional conditions of probation such as the Periodic Training Order, Detention Order or Weekend Detention Order.

Community Probation Service

Started in June 1971, the Community Probation Service seeks to promote volunteer participation and community awareness in the rehabilitation of offenders under MSF’ purview.

Probation Process

Flow chart of the probation process. The probation period can last between six months to three years.

Probation Programmes

As a community-based order, probation focuses on three strategies to develop the growth of probationers – (a) Inpidual case work, (b) Group work; and (c) Educational, recreational and social activities.

Probation and Community Rehabilitation Service Annual Report 2016

Probation and Community Rehabilitation Service Annual Report 2016 

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