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Probation Core Programmes

Certain programmes are considered essential and beneficial for the probationer and his / her parents and all parties will be required to attend these programmes.

Induction Programme for Probationers

Increases the probationer’s awareness of the aims and requirements of probation.

EPIC(Engaging Parents in Court)

Briefs parents on the aims and requirements of probation and imparts parenting tips on management of children. The session is conducted in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

COMBAT – Challenging Offending and Misguided Behavior with Apt Treatment 

Enables probationers to reflect on the effects of their offending behaviors on others – their victims, family, school, society and themselves.

Budget & Money Management / Strengths Inventory & Challenging Issues

Equips those 18 years old and above with relevant skills for their personal development and for employment.

Pre-Termination Programme

Probationers and parents share thoughts and reasons on probation process as well as consequences of re-offending. Families will also be given contacts of agencies they can turn to for support.

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Last Reviewed On Tue, Dec 20, 2016