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Probation Core Programmes


Induction Programme

To inform offenders and their caregivers about the probation process, and to empower parents to play an active role during their child’s rehabilitation journey.

Motivating Offenders to Rethink Everything (M.O.R.E)

To enable offenders to take on new perspectives, learn how their thinking affects their actions and motivate them for change.

Victim Impact

To raise awareness of the impact of crime on victims and encourage victim empathy in offenders.

Law and Order

To educate offenders on common offences in Singapore and highlight the necessity of law to protect the society.

Decision Making and Problem Solving

To equip offenders with skills to manage risky situations and avoid committing further offences.

Conflict Resolution

To help offenders understand how conflicts arise and introduce pro-social methods of resolving differences.

Parenting Programmes

To improve communication between parent and child for effective parenting.


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Last Reviewed On Thu, Mar 1, 2018