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Institutional Rehabilitative Strategies

Our rehabilitative efforts are developed around 2 key strategies.

Holistic Assessment

For all youths sent to MSF Youth Residential Service, a holistic assessment across the three areas - Socio-emotional development, Education and Personal Mastery - is conducted. Relevant tools are also used to objectively and accurately identify their needs and risk factors. These tool facilitates timely and appropriate interventions through the formulation of an Individual Care Plan for each youth in the three core areas for rehabilitation.

An inter-disciplinary team makes the assessments and works out the intervention plans. The classification and assessment system also facilitates decision-making on the physical placements into the different residential blocks within the institutions.

Individual and Family Work

Family members are brought together with the youth for family conferencing. This is to help the boys and girls address their offending behaviour and to garner the support and commitment from the family to ensure successful rehabilitation of the residents.

Individual counselling and group therapy are provided to address the youths’ risk issues and meet their needs. The youths are also taught social competency skills. Parents are involved in the treatment programmes whenever appropriate, as they are important change agents for the child.

Institutional Rehabilitative Strategies 

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Last Reviewed On Tue, Dec 20, 2016