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Rehabilitation Process

Rehabilitation Process


Rehabilitation of youths is designed with reintegration in mind. Every youth has a care plan developed which would be reviewed periodically. At the onset, youths would undergo motivational programmes to prepare them for learning during in-care. These in-care learning would include life-skills programmes, therapeutic programmes, educational programmes, self-discipline and character building.

As they progress well and complete their in-care learning, youths will be prepared for reintegration. The Homes would liaise with the families, schools and other touch points in the community to prepare the youths for their steps back to the community.

For a smoother transition and better reintegration of youth into the community, the MSF Youth Homes are working to provide post-care support for one year for youths discharging from the Homes. This supports them in continuing the progress they made in the Homes and improves their chances of leading socially-responsible lives. Families who require additional support would be linked up with community resources prior to the youths’ discharge.

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