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Singapore Government

Past Periodic Reports


Past Periodic Reports

Fourth Periodic Report

Singapore submitted its Fourth Periodic Report in March 2009. It covers the key legislative, judicial, administrative or other measures introduced in Singapore during the time frame of 2004 to 2008.

Preparing the Report

During the drafting stage of the report, consultation sessions were organised jointly with the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) to get input from the various women’s groups. MCYS (now known as MSF) also held consultation sessions with the Ministry’s Government Parliamentary Committee members and women parliamentarians.

The Committee noted with appreciation initiatives such as the National Family Violence Networking System, the Inter-Agency Taskforce on Trafficking in Persons, and the enhanced Marriage and Parenthood Package (2008). It also noted Singapore’s ratification of the Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (2007) and welcomed the partial withdrawal of our reservations against Articles 2 and 16 of CEDAW and urged Singapore to withdraw the remaining reservations.

Interim Report 2013

The UN CEDAW Committee considered the fourth periodic report of Singapore in July 2011. In its concluding observations, the Committee requested Singapore to provide an interim report in 2013 on the steps taken to implement the following recommendations:

  1. Withdraw the remaining reservations to Articles 2 (On Policy Measures), 16 (on Marriage and Family Life) and 11(1) (on Equal Rights in Employment);
  2. Review and amend the existing labour legislation so that it applies to Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs), or adopt new legislation ensuring that FDWs are entitled to adequate wages, decent working conditions, including a day off, benefits and access to complaint and redress mechanisms;
  3. Review the legal protection accorded to FDWs and repeal the law requiring a work permit holder, including FDWs, to be deported on grounds of pregnancy or a diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases;
  4. Provide work permits to foreign wives with a social visit pass and review our system of granting citizenship to foreign wives within a clear and reasonable time frame after marriage; and
  5. Ratify international labour organization (ilo) convention no. 111, concerning discrimination in respect of employment and occupation, and sign and ratify ilo convention no. 189, concerning decent work for domestic workers.

The interim report was submitted to the UN CEDAW Committee in 2013.

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Third Periodic Report

Singapore submitted its Third Periodic Report in November 2004. The Third Periodic Report provides updates on Singapore’s progress with respect to CEDAW and significant advances made in women’s issues and rights from 2000-2004.

Preparing the report

A closed-door session jointly organized by then Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS, now known as MSF) and the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) was held on 20 October 2004. Similar to the Fourth Periodic Report, the purpose of the session was to consult and update the local women’s groups on the contents of the Third Period Report prior to the submission.

Oral Presentation to the UN CEDAW Committee

On 1 August 2007, Singapore came before the UN CEDAW Committee to present Singapore’s Third Report at the 39th Session.

The delegation was led by Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, then Minister of State for MCYS.

In its concluding observations, the UN CEDAW Committee welcomed Singapore’s efforts in:

  • establishing the Women's Desk (re-designated to Office for Women's Development from 1 July 2011)
  • setting up the Inter-Ministry Committee (IMC) on CEDAW
  • allowing Singapore Citizen women to pass on their citizenship to foreign-born children
  • tacking domestic violence
  • removing the quota for female medical students
  • increasing the number of women in Parliament
  • strengthening the protection of female foreign domestic workers
  • supporting the employment and financial security of older women
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Initial and Second Periodic Report

The Initial Report lists the measures adopted by Singapore in Parliament, Court and other administrative areas to comply with CEDAW. Subsequently, the Second Periodic Report provides updates on women’s participation in key sectors as well as new developments and initiatives that promote human rights for women in Singapore.

Oral Presentation to the UN CEDAW Committee

On 9 July 2001, Singapore presented both the Initial Report and the Second Periodic Report to the 25th Session of UN CEDAW. It was the first time Singapore appeared before a human rights committee.

The delegation was led by then Senior Parliamentary Secretary of MCYS (now known as MSF), Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon.

Singapore was commended for its large, high-level delegation and the “comprehensive and highly professional” replies that the delegation gave to the Committee.

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