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Research Grants

Social and Family Research Fund


As our society evolves and as our families adapt to the rapid changes around them, it is critical for policymakers to continuously reassess policies, identify and address needs, leverage on opportunities, and prepare for the future. 

The Social and Family Research Fund was introduced in 2008 to support research which identifies emerging trends and issues, strengthen the evidence base for social and family development policies and improve the Ministry’s forward planning capabilities to respond quickly and effectively to new challenges and opportunities. By providing funding support to researchers, the Ministry aims to promote ground-up research initiatives which can potentially inform and make a difference to Singapore’s social and family landscape.


The SFRF offers two grant categories:   

Undergraduate Category

  • Honours year Singaporean undergraduates doing their theses at recognised universities in Singapore.
  • Final-year Singaporean undergraduates at recognised overseas universities who will conduct their research in Singapore.  
  • Funding quantum of up to S$1,000 per research project.

Click here for more information about the grant for undergraduates. 

Postgraduate/Academic Category

  • Postgraduates, academics and researchers at recognised universities and affiliated research institutes in Singapore.
  • Funding quantum of up to S$100,000 per research project (inclusive of the Institutional Indirect Research Cost).

Click here for more information about the grant for postgraduates and academics.

Useful Research Topics

Applicants are encouraged to submit research proposals that are relevant to the work of MSF. Please refer to the past SFRF projects and the list of suggested research topics.

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Application Process

The application period for the 12th Grant Call has closed on 30 November 2019. The next grant call will be made available in 2020.

If you have submitted an application for the 12th Grant Call, the result will be available approximately 5 months after the close of the grant call.


For more information or queries, please contact:

MSF Social and Family Research Fund (SFRF) Secretariat
Tel: +65 6354 8401