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Home Ownership Plus Education (HOPE) Scheme

Home Ownership Plus Education (HOPE) Scheme

Young, low-income parent(s) who choose to keep their family small so that they can focus their resources on giving their children a head start, and improve their financial and social situation.

What are the benefits?


  • Training Incentives
    $2,000 every 2 years (up to 3 tranches and up to $6,000 in total) to families who make efforts to do better and complete training courses that lead to better employment with a higher income. The employment must be related to the training.
  • Employment Incentives
    Up to $10,000 incentives for full-time working mothers disbursed in annual amount of $1,000 up to 10 years.


  • Conditional Housing Grant
    $60,000 disbursed in annual installments of $3,000 into the mother’s CPF account
  • Utilities Grant
    $1,000 to help the family offset once-off grant to offset utilities bills (one-off)


  • Education Bursaries
    Annual bursaries of up to $3,000 for each child attending pre-school to university to help pay for their educational expenses. This includes the savings to be provided into the child’s Child Development Account (CDA) and Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) for their future educational needs.
  • Mentoring and Family Support
    Mentoring services to provide support and guide families as they work towards upgrading themselves.

Who can apply?

The eligibility criteria for HOPE is as follows:

Monthly Gross Household Income
Married Couple  Widowed/Divorced Mother
Up to $1,700
Age of Mother 18 to 35 years


  • Have at least 1, but not more than 2 biological or legally adopted children
  • All children must be Singapore citizens
  • Divorced mothers should have child custody, and care and control 
Citizenship Status At least one spouse must be a Singapore citizen, and the other a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident Singapore Citizen
Employment Status Husband is employed Employed
Up to Secondary level

If any party has post-Secondary education:
  • Individual income must not exceed $1,200; and
  • Mothers must be aged 30-35 years old

To Apply

Apply for the Home Ownership Plus Education (HOPE) Scheme at any Social Service Offices (SSOs) near you. To locate the SSO nearest to you, please click on this link.

Background on HOPE

The HOPE scheme was introduced in 2004 to help young low-income families who choose to keep their families small. It aims to give these families a head start to improve their socio-economic status by upgrading their skills and investing resources in their children’s education.

Families are provided with benefits in the form of a housing grant, utilities grant and bursaries for their children’s education as well as incentives for employment and upgrading themselves. They also receive mentoring support.

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