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MSF Volunteer and Partner Awards 2023

Date/Time: 27 January 2023, Friday 5.30pm to 8.20pm

Venue: Suntec Convention Centre

The MSF Volunteer and Partner Awards (MVPA) recognises and honours the commitment and dedication of MSF’s volunteers and partners, who have served in various areas of the Ministry.

MVPA 2023 was held on 27 January 2023.

Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award

Mdm Sartha is presented with the highest accolade - the Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award, which recognises individuals who have made significant contributions over 30 years or more to better the lives of others.

Mdm Sartha

Mdm Sartha is one of Singapore's longest-serving foster parents and has been one for over 45 years. She has provided care to 12 vulnerable children since 1976. Through Mdm Sartha's resilience and commitment, her foster children has the opportunity to experience the warmth and love of a family life and to thrive in a nurturing home environment.

The welfare of her foster children has always been at the back of her mind. Once, while on holiday, she called home every night to check on her foster children. Despite her advanced age and medical conditions, she is still caring for an ex-foster youth, even though he has already aged out of care. He has special needs and has lived with her ever since he was an infant. Mdm Sartha raised him as if he were her own, ensuring that his emotional, physical, psychological, cognitive, social and moral needs were met. She also fully supported him in pursuing his interest in sports. Under her care, her ex-foster youth developed well and competed successfully in local sports events.

Mdm Sartha's dedicated service as a foster mother was an inspiration to her own son, who was so moved by her love for children that he became a foster parent himself.

MSF Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award | MSF Outstanding Volunteer Award | Friends of MSF Award | MSF Community Cares Award | Long Service Award

MSF Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award

The MSF Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award recognises outstanding volunteers who have contributed to the causes of MSF for at least 30 years.

Award Winner

  • Mdm Sartha

MSF Outstanding Volunteer Award

The MSF Outstanding Volunteer Award recognises individuals or groups of volunteers who have contributed significantly to various groups in the community served by MSF. The award winners are distinguished by their significant contributions in terms of time and effort spent.

Award Winners

  • Mr Lim Thim Veng
  • Mr Ishak Ismail
  • Ms Chan Chia Lin
  • Mr Chew Kwee San
  • Ms Julia Lee
  • Ms Katherine Baptist
  • Mdm Raja Hamidah Bte Raja Bat and Mr R Usman Bin R Abdul Jalil
  • Mdm Magasvri d/o Supiah and Mr Kannan s/o Balakrisnan
  • Mdm Lourdes Thomas Audrey and Mr Rajev s/o Valayutham
  • Mdm Goh Poh Choo and Mr Quek Tee Tee
  • Mrs Lim Poo Yong and Mr Lim Hong Kee
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Friends of MSF Award

The Friends of MSF Award is presented to individuals, volunteers or organisations who have made significant contributions to committees or projects under the purview of MSF for at least two years. This year, our winners contributed to a variety of MSF initiatives including ECDA’s KidSTART, Families for Life, Taskforce on Family Violence, the National Committee on Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recidivism, and the NCSS Board.

Award Winners

  • A/Prof Lourdes Mary Daniel
  • Dr Elly Sabrina Binte Ismail
  • Dr Kang Ying Qi
  • Dr Karuppiah Nirmala
  • Dr Khoo Zi Xean
  • Dr Mary Chong
  • Dr Sylvia Choo
  • Dr Sylvia Mun
  • Good News Community Services
  • Heartwarmers Volunteer Group
  • Kampung Senang Foundation
  • Kreta Ayer Family Services
  • Mdm Zaharah Ariff
  • Mr Augustine Jadyn Ng Teck Chye
  • Mr Chern Siang Jye
  • Mr Chris Chong
  • Mr Frederick Sui Tan PBM
  • Mr Jasper Yap
  • Mr Javier Ng Jing Xuan
  • Mr Lee Kok Eng
  • Mr Lien Choong Luen
  • Mr Manoj Subramanya
  • Mr Max Ho
  • Mr Piyush Gupta
  • Mr Puvan Ariaratnam
  • Mr S. Lakshmanan
  • Mr Shahruddin Bin Sogol
  • Mr Sowaran Singh
  • Mr Winston Wan Sing Ngan
  • Mrs Sher-Li Torrey
  • Ms Afikah Norazmi
  • Ms Becky Hoo
  • Ms Desiree Lim
  • Ms Goh Swee Chen
  • Ms Jiak See Ng
  • Ms Lee Mui Ling
  • Ms Lim Lian Hiong Jo
  • Ms Lorraine Lim
  • Ms Low Hwee San
  • Ms Patricia Phang SS
  • Ms Rachel Eng Yaag Ngee
  • Ms Stephenie Khoo
  • Ms Teresa Chan Pui Woo
  • Neighbourhood Health Service Kids
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Church
  • Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church
  • Raffles Rover / Colugo Scout Groups
  • THK Family Service Centre @ Jurong
  • THKMC (Disability Services)
  • Toa Payoh Methodist Church
  • Trolley Ministry - Mercy Centre
  • Yio Chu Kang Chapel
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MSF Community Cares Award

The MSF Community Cares Awards was introduced in 2019 to recognise and appreciate organisations and individuals who passionately drive social change, strive to do good for society, and in so doing, inspire those around them.

Award Winners

  • Boon Lay Grassroots Organisations
  • Bukit Panjang Methodist Church
  • CampusImpact
  • Casa Raudha Limited
  • Catch Them Young Ltd
  • Centre for Fathering Limited
  • Chung Cheng High School (Main)
  • Covenant Evangelical Free Church
  • Dr Barathi Rajendra
  • Dr Kao Pao-Tang
  • Dr Lim Yang Chern
  • Dr Mathew Mathews
  • Dr Oh Jean Yin
  • Dr Vincent Ng
  • Free Food For All
  • Gao Lin Gong Temple
  • Hang Jebat Mosque
  • Masjid Al-Ansar
  • Mdm Hazlina Binte Abdul Halim
  • Mount Carmel BP Church
  • Mr Jimmy Png Kong Hui
  • Mr Loh Tsee Foong
  • Mr Muhammad Noor Hairil
  • Ms Cherylene Aw (TRANS SAFE Centre)
  • Ms Jessica Tan May Ying
  • Ms Kristine Lam
  • Ms Lynn Er
  • Ms Mavis Tan Fang Ting
  • Ms Susan Ng, PBM
  • Ms Susanna Kulatissa
  • New Horizon Centre (Jurong Point)
  • Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura
  • Serangoon Garden Secondary School
  • Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services
  • Soka Gakkai Singapore
  • SP Group
  • SSVP Church of the Holy Trinity
  • St Luke’s Hospital
  • Sunlove Chai Chee SAC
  • Surbana Jurong
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital
  • The Lighthouse
  • United Women Singapore
  • Young Women’s Leadership Connection
  • Youth Corps SG and Care Corner SG
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Long Service Award

45 Years | 40 Years | 30 Years | 25 Years| 20 Years | 15 Years | 10 Years | 5 Years

The MSF Long Service Award recognises individuals or organisations who have volunteered directly with MSF.

Award Winners (45 years)
  • Mdm K. Sartha
  • Mr Tan Thien Choon
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Award Winners (40 years)
  • Mr P.R Gunasekharan
  • Mr Shaik Mohammad Bin M K Mohideen
  • Mr Tan Heng Huay BBM
  • Mr Tivasiha Mani
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Award Winners (30 years)
  • Mdm Low Bee Hoon Emily
  • Mr Anthony Yeo
  • Mr Lim Puay Sek Patrick
  • Mr Roger Ong
  • Mr Ronald Lee Yew Kew
  • Mr Shaikh Ashraf Hasan
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Award Winners (25 years)
  • Dr Sam Goi Seng Hui JP BBM(L)
  • Mr Rajaram Ramiah PBM BBM JP
  • Welfare Services Club RSP (Youth)
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Award Winners (20 years)
  • Dr Ling Ai Mee @ Seet Ai Mee
  • Mdm Hawa Bee Bte Mohamed Hussain
  • Mdm Yap Nyat Yong
  • Mdm Zawiyah Wee Abd. and Mr Ismail Md. Atan
  • Mr Chia Meng Choon
  • Mr Choo Si Sen BBM PBM JP (RET)
  • Mr Elliot Lim Wee Hong
  • Mr Henry Gan
  • Mr Henry Yeo Wee Heng BBM
  • Mr Leow Peng Kui PBM BBM
  • Mr Lim Hock San
  • Mr Raphael Lim Swee Ann
  • Mr Simon Ang Han Ping
  • Mr Soh Tze Churn Jack JP BBM(L)
  • Mr Tchi Chu Woo PBM, BBM(L), JP
  • Mr Teo Cher Cheong
  • Mr Teo Choon Hock JP BBM (L)
  • Mrs Chia Swee Tin
  • Ms Goi Ming Ying
  • Ms Soh Geok Kee BBM(L)
  • Prof. Low Cheng Hock
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Award Winners (15 years)
  • Assoc Prof Vivien Huan Swee Leng
  • Assoc Professor Teng Su Ching BBM
  • Dr Benjamin Tang
  • Dr Katijah Dawood
  • Dr Kwoh Chee Keong PBM
  • Dr Priscilla Lim
  • Hindu Centre
  • Mdm Ajazrah and Mr Suaraidi
  • Mdm Jamiah Maarof and Mr Abdul Hamid Shariff
  • Mdm Jumilah and Mr Rosman
  • Mdm Sahlinah Beevi
  • Mdm Salinee Watanoo and Mr Rozali Kadir
  • Mdm Sellam D/O Narianasamy
  • Mdm Shameembegum and Mr Mohd Mustafa Maricar
  • Mr and Mrs Mathivanan Tanapakiam
  • Mr Alvin Dawson
  • Mr Ang Chee Yam
  • Mr Azman Anuar
  • Mr Choo Chee Siong
  • Mr Clarence Ho
  • Mr Douglas Foo Peow Yong BBM
  • Mr Eugene Lim PBM
  • Mr Foo Soo Luang
  • Mr Goh Hung Pin PBM
  • Mr Leong Siew Why
  • Mr Mohamed Said and Mdm Kamaria
  • Mr Poh Kay Ping BBM
  • Mr Pollen Soh Swee Guan
  • Mr Roy Ang
  • Mr Tan Peng Yam
  • Mr Tay Boon Gim
  • Mr Victor Kow Yang Phong
  • Mr Vincent Teo
  • Mrs Belen Tan Nee V Hernandez
  • Mrs Divya Jiwat Advani
  • Mrs Katherine Baptist
  • Mrs Tan Yeow Liang PB PBS
  • Ms Aziah Hj Salim
  • Ms Elsie Teo, PBM
  • Ms Fauziah Zainal Abidin
  • Ms Hsu Phillips PBM
  • Ms Joanna Portilla BBM PBM
  • Ms Kris Ong Boon Chin
  • Ms Vijeya and Mr Silvaraj
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Award Winners (10 years)
  • Dr Cornelia Chee
  • Dr Mathew Mathews
  • Dr Ng Li-ling
  • Dr Tham Weng Yew
  • Mdm Emillia Abdullah and Mr Anwar Rawi
  • Mdm Joy Shuo Sherlyn and Mr Chua Pheng Kwee
  • Mdm Kamisah and Mr Razak
  • Mdm Loh Lay San
  • Mdm Nazara Rashid
  • Mdm Norliza and Mr Mohd Amin
  • Mdm Saa'aida and Mr Sahari
  • Mdm Saliah and Mr Abdullah
  • Mdm Sarah Jane and Mr Saimon
  • Mdm Shynna and Mr Bou Leong
  • Mr and Mrs Chooi Ker Min
  • Mr and Mrs Gerard Almonte
  • Mr and Mrs Johari Selamat
  • Mr and Mrs Seet Juay Hiang
  • Mr Bobby Ng
  • Mr Chew Beng Hoe Jimmy
  • Mr Chua Lai Teck, PBM BBM BBM (L)
  • Mr Goh Siok Seng Stephen
  • Mr Jackie Lee Choon Yau
  • Mr Koh Hang Kiat
  • Mr Ong Junjie, Samuel
  • Mr Raymond Chan P Y
  • Mr S. Geevanantham
  • Mr S. Lakshmanan
  • Mr Sahul Hameed Bin M A Kadir PBM
  • Mr Tan Kong Loong Royston
  • Mr Tang Wing Fai PBM
  • Mr Teo Seng Leong BBM
  • Mrs Angela Leo PBM
  • Mrs N Kumari Devi BBM PBM
  • Mrs Nellie Oo
  • Ms Annie Lee
  • Ms Betty Kuan Fui Ha
  • Ms Esther Ng
  • Ms Kang Mei Ling
  • Ms Koh Gee May
  • Ms Lim Hwee Er
  • Ms Lim Moh Tin Rosemary JP PBM
  • Ms Long Chey May
  • Ms Prionka Ray
  • Ms Sophia Ang
  • Ms Susanna Kulatissa
  • Ms Wee Ying Ling, Beverly
  • Professor Joel Lee
  • Rev Dr Ngoi Ngie Huat, Francis
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Award Winners (5 years)
  • Assoc. Prof. Mariam Aljunied
  • Dr Abdul Halid and Dr Suraidah
  • Dr Asha and Dr Ansari
  • Dr Janice Soo
  • Dr Liow Pei Hsiang
  • Dr Lo Hong Yee
  • Dr Soh Teck Hwee
  • Dr Tarin Ong
  • Madam Chua Bee Ngoh
  • Mdm Alwiyah and Mr Azahar
  • Mdm Aminah Nur Yahya and Mr Zanial Othman
  • Mdm Azlina and Mr Mohamed Zainordin
  • Mdm Bahya and Mr Azizudin
  • Mdm Bannu and Mr Winston Hodge
  • Mdm Chang Siew Peng and Family
  • Mdm Dianah and Mr Nasharuddin
  • Mdm Fadhilah and Mr Selamat Abdul Rahim
  • Mdm Lenny and Mr Suhaimi
  • Mdm Liza Martinie and mr Mohamad Noorhisham
  • Mdm Noor Liza and Mr Mohd Noor
  • Mdm Normah Samat and Mr Sukur Awang
  • Mdm Rasmina Bte Rosmani
  • Mdm Rozinah A Rahim and Mr Muhd Taha Fadil
  • Mdm Sapiah Wahab and Mr Rejap Fauzan
  • Mdm Sarah Keoni and Mr Martin Koenen
  • Mdm Siti Norasidah and Mr Syed Shahril
  • Mdm Sophia Powlose and Mr David Nara
  • Mr and Mrs Chee Kim Yong Melvin
  • Mr and Mrs Lim Yeow Meng
  • Mr and Mrs Teo Chin Meng
  • Mr and Mrs Wong Kai Thong
  • Mr and Mrs Zalani
  • Mr A. Rahim Suman and Mdm Triantina Fahmi
  • Mr Alan and Ms Elizabeth
  • Mr Ameer Malik
  • Mr and Mrs Kwan Shi Ho
  • Mr and Mrs Tan Chin Aik
  • Mr Bobby Mok
  • Mr C Manoharan PBM
  • Mr Chee Kok Tong
  • Mr Chew Kheng Siong
  • Mr Chua Zhiren
  • Mr Damien Glenn Yeo
  • Mr Eugene Seow PBM BBM
  • Mr Foo Kit Meng
  • Mr Foo Say Thye
  • Mr Goh Hock Ho
  • Mr Hon Chee Seng and Mdm Serene Wong
  • Mr Ilyas Hussin and Mdm Siti Jamilah
  • Mr Ivan Goh Yiau Meng
  • Mr Ivan Tan
  • Mr Jamaluddin and Mdm Norizan
  • Mr Jason Gwee and Mdm Irene Leow
  • Mr Johanes Ng
  • Mr Joseph Lim Kwan Leng
  • Mr Kelvin and Mdm Grace
  • Mr Kenny Cheok and Mdm Jeslin Pang
  • Mr Khng Joo Seng (FMiS, FIMA, F.MAMSA)
  • Mr Lakshmi Narayanan and Mrs Vidhu
  • Mr Leo D’cruz
  • Mr Lim Zi Xiang
  • Mr Low Hien Kiah, John
  • Mr Matthew and Mdm Regina Chan
  • Mr Michael Kee and Mdm Irene Neo
  • Mr Mohamad Jumani and Mdm Siti Nabilah
  • Mr Mohamed Rafi Saliheen
  • Mr Mohammad Nuzaihan and Mdm Dibi Sam
  • Mr Mohammad Zali and Mdm Lafrieda
  • Mr Mohd Rahim and Mdm Rashidah
  • Mr Muhammad Faizal Bin Mustafa and Mdm Emyliyana Binte Sahprudin
  • Mr Nazri Hussain and Mdm Tety Suzanna
  • Mr Nor Azmi and Mdm Nuranissa
  • Mr Ong Ter Koh Derrick BBM PBM
  • Mr Roy Yee and Mdm Tan Chin Serh
  • Mr Said Omar and Mdm Sharifah Shafiah
  • Mr Seow Kian Yong and Mdm Ong Yan Shan
  • Mr Shahizan Ahmad and Mdm Nora Yuhanis
  • Mr Siew Yan Kang
  • Mr Soon Kong Yong
  • Mr Steve Saravanan PBM
  • Mr Suleiman and Mdm Ramona
  • Mr Syed Aliff Mubaraq
  • Mr Tan Boon Keong and Mdm Oon Geok Lan
  • Mr Tan Hock Lye and Mdm Tia Li Li
  • Mr Tan Hong Ju, PBM and Mdm Lina Leng
  • Mr Tan Khiaw Ngoh PBM
  • Mr Tay Hong Meng and Ms Aw Sock Hwang
  • Mr Trevors Goh Wee Feng
  • Mr Wan Jafni and Mdm Kartina
  • Mr Wan Kwong Weng PBM BBM
  • Mr Yah Khin Boon
  • Mr Yek Boon Seng
  • Mr Dennis Soh Jia Qing
  • Mr Michael Woon Ying Choon
  • Ms Angela Mi
  • Ms Celina Tay Mui Eng
  • Ms Chan Keng Sun
  • Ms Chew Jia-en, Adeline
  • Ms Chiew Jovien
  • Ms Diane Ho
  • Ms Erma Afiza Binte Mohd Sam
  • Ms Filzah Binte Alias
  • Ms Fiona Eng
  • Ms Florence Ng Sin Tong
  • Ms He Qin
  • Ms Jacelyn Chong
  • Ms Jidi Ng
  • Ms Lee Mui Ling
  • Ms Lena Heng Ching Rong
  • Ms Loh Siew Mei
  • Ms Lydea Gn
  • Ms Melissa Chew
  • Ms Ng Chui Hua Angie
  • Ms Nurhuda Ishak
  • Ms Parvin Kaur Sandhu
  • Ms Pearlyn Phau
  • Ms Serene Ong
  • Ms Shweta Parida-Dcosta
  • Ms Siti Raihana
  • Ms Sylvia Seakar
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We are grateful for the support of many who have contributed their time and talent to organise this year’s MSF Volunteer and Partner Awards.

MVPA Trophy

MVPA Trophy
Chua Boon Kee
MVPA Trophy
Sculptor Mr Chua Boon Kee

This year’s trophy is a replica of the “Circles of Life” sculpture, designed by Singapore’s very own award-winning sculptor, Mr Chua Boon Kee. The interlocking circles symbolise the importance of our community working together to foster a caring and inclusive society.




Formed in 2008, Redeafination (spelt with “Deaf” and “Nation”) is an independent dance crew for the Deaf. Redeafination aims to promote Deaf awareness as well as to nurture and develop performing arts talents within the Deaf community. As of today, the crew is fully made up of Deaf members.

Over the years, Redeafination has received much recognition and accolades from both the dance scene and the deaf community. Since its formation, Redeafination has gone on to perform at various events. Redeafination also conducts annual introductory dance workshops to reach out to Deaf youths and expose them to Dance.

As at December 2020, Redeafination has 15 members, and continues to grow.

Claire Teo & Dr Azariah Tan (Duo)

Claire Teo & Dr Azariah Tan (Duo)

Claire Teo & Dr Azariah Tan

Claire Teo (visually impaired) is a trained classical soprano who also excels in musical theatre and pop songs. She has performed in Shaping Hearts 2021 accompanied by hard-of- hearing pianist, Dr Azariah Tan the official launch event of ART:DIS Singapore graced by Parliament Secretary, Mr Eric Chua and MFA’s Ambassador-at-Large, Mr Tommy Koh and has sung for numerous music and movement community workshops for senior citizens from Lions Befrienders, Tembusu Senior Activity Centre and Tsao Foundation, always delighting everyone with her pure and angelic voice.

Claire was also selected to be one of the artists for Arts & Disability Forum 2022 - Phase 2: Inclusive Artist Residency Project.

Dr. Azariah is one of ART:DIS Board of Directors with hard-of hearing and is an accomplished professional pianist who has performed extensively in Singapore and internationally.

Token of Appreciation by Bizlink


Image of MVPA 2023 Token of Appreciation


Bizlink Centre is a non-profit organisation dedicated to serving the disadvantaged individuals, in particular persons with disabilities, through training and employment in Singapore. Bizlink is a registered charity with the office of the Commissioner of Charities and is conferred the status of the Institution of Public Character (IPC). Bizlink has been serving the disability community since 1986. Today, individuals, regardless of their disabilities and disadvantaged background, are enabled through work within an inclusive community.