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Precautionary Measures for COVID-19

MSF has been stepping up precautions to protect our preschool community and other vulnerable groups.  

Update as of 24 Mar: Preschool and Primary school-aged children will be required to stay away from preschool/school/student care for 14 days on Leave of Absence (LOA) - even if they have not travelled - if they are living with someone who:

(i) has returned from US, UK or ASEAN countries from 14 Mar; or
(ii) returns from any other country from 25 Mar

This also applies to enrolled clients in MSF facilities.

Day 0 starts on the day the traveller returns to Singapore. The child can return to preschool/school/student care on day 15 if he/she is well.

Preschools, Student Care Centres (SCCs), Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC)/Pilot for Private Intervention Providers (PPIPs) will continue operations with the necessary precautionary and safe distancing measures in place.

You can find more details in our latest advisories and announcements.

Advisories for Preschools, SCCs, EIPIC and Parents

27 Mar 2020 - Enhanced Precautionary Measures for Preschools Against COVID-19
24 Mar 2020 - Advisory to Parents - 14-day LOA for Preschool Children Staying with Person who Returned to Singapore from Overseas Travel
19 Mar 2020 - Advisory to Parents: 14-day Leave of Absence for Preschool Staff and Children Returning from All Overseas Travel

Advisories for Residential and Community-based Facilities

For our frontline services (e.g. parenting & marriage support programmes), community based services (e.g. social service offices, disability centres and programmes), residential facilities (e.g. welfare and sheltered homes), and our social service programme partners (e.g. student care centres, pilot for private intervention providers, and early intervention programmes for infants & children).

25 March 2020 - Enhanced Precautionary Measures for Residential and Community-based Facilities Against COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)
23 March 2020 - Advisory Residential and Community Facilities - Safe Distancing.pdf

19 March 2020 - Advisory Enhanced Precautionary Measures for Residential and Community-based Facilities Against COVID-19

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