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Cluster Operator and Attendance Registration System

Cluster Operator and Attendance Registration System

Published On
20 Oct 2014

Cluster Operator (formerly known as Anchor Operator) 

  • Cluster Operators were appointed for 5 HDB estates in August 2014:
    • LBSA (for 1 HDB estate) 
    • TOUCH Community Services (for 1 HDB estate) 
    • Singapore Anglican Community Services (for 1 HDB estate) 
    • Thye Hua Kuan Charities Limited (for 2 HDB estates) 
  • Each Cluster Operator will manage a *suite of services for seniors within a HDB estate: 
    1. 1 Senior Activity Centre (Cluster Support) 
    2. Up to 3 Senior Group Homes 
    3. Up to 5 Senior Activity Centres 
  • Cluster Operators - to reap synergies from running a suit of eldercare services within a HDB estate.
  • 7 more Cluster Operators will be appointed within FY14 (Total:12).
  • The Cluster Operators will work closely with Social Service Offices, social service providers, grassroots organisations and other stakeholders within the HDB estates to: 
    • achieve greater synergy and maximise resources; and
    • facilitate community outreach & sharing of seniors' information
  • A departure from 'traditional' model of different services/programmes being provided by different service providers.

Attendance Registration Systems (ARS)

  • Joint project between MSF & Nanyang Polytechnic that makes use of info-comm technology to register clients' attendance for activities through a computer software and reader system.
  • Seniors' attendance is taken by scanning their NRIC / EZ-link cards / SAC Membership Cards over a reader linked to a computer. Attendance for off-site events can be captured using a mobile application developed for the purpose. 
  • 2-year pilot project implemented in 5 SACs from July 2014:
    • Lions Befrienders (Ghim Moh) Senior Activity Centre
    • PEACE-Connect Senior Activity Centre
    • THK Bedok RAdiance Senior Activity Centre
    • SilverACE @ Lengkok Bahru
    • Kreta Ayer Senior Activity Centre (Chin Swee) 
  • Current situation: Time-consuming and tedious for SAC staff to manually track the daily attendance of seniors attending the SAC activities and tabulate the daily attendance report every month. Risk of data inaccuracy due to human error. 
  • Benefits of ARS: Taps on technology to reduce administrative burden of Senior Activity Centres (SACs). SAC staff can spend more time on meeting seniors' needs better and improving data accuracy. 

Senior Activity Centre (Cluster Support)*

  • Provides social support to seniors who have little or no family support.
  • Enables seniors to age-in-place within the community for as long as possible through: 
    • Case Managements (help given to a person by a professional, e.g. social worker, case managers after understanding the needs of the senior)
    • Counselling 
    • Information and Referral 
      Monitoring seniors' well-being through home visits

Senior Activity Centre (Rental) 

  • Drop-in-centre for seniors living in rental blocks
  • Services include: 
    • Social/Recreational programmes and activities
    • Support services, e.g. monitoring of frail and/or homebound seniors, befriending, mutual help groups, emergency alert response calls, information and referral. 

Senior Group Home 

  • Provides assisted living support for seniors to age-in-place in HDB rental units
  • For seniors who require some assistance with their activities of daily living (i.e. bathing / feeding / dressing / toileting / transfer and mobility) 
  • Services include: 
    • Basic monitoring and client education 
    • Care coordination
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