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Continuing Professional Development Masterplan

Continuing Professional Development Masterplan

Published On
20 Nov 2013

Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Chan Chun Sing, announced a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Masterplan for the early childhood sector at ECDA’s inaugural Early Childhood Conference today. The CPD Masterplan is a key component of ECDA’s manpower strategies to attract, develop and retain early childhood (EC) professionals, and raise the quality of EC programmes.

Building on the CPD Framework released last year, the CPD Masterplan aims to provide professional development opportunities for centre leaders, teachers and educarers to progress as they upgrade their skills and knowledge, attain key competencies and gain experience in the sector.

The CPD Masterplan comprises three components:

1) Structured professional development roadmap that outlines key competencies and responsibilities of various roles that EC professionals could take up as they gain experience in the sector. The roadmap will have Teaching and Leadership pathways to cater to the different aspirations of EC professionals. At the pinnacle levels of each pathway, ECDA will select and groom Mentor Principals and Master Teachers to take on responsibilities that benefit the whole sector. An illustration of the roadmap is included in Annex A.

2) Core and Milestone CPD courses to be developed in consultation with the sector. Core courses cover essential knowledge and skills, and will be open to all EC professionals. Milestone courses will prepare educators for roles with higher responsibilities in the ambit of the professional development roadmap. ECDA will set out guidelines on the recommended amount of CPD training for each teacher per year, and develop an online portal for teachers to plan and track their individual CPD roadmaps. Key focus areas for Core CPD courses are included in Annex A.

3) Incentives and recognition for teachers who have fulfilled the recommended CPD hours and courses, and gained a minimum number of years of experience in the sector. This could include bonuses which are tied to both CPD attainment and expanded job roles along the professional development pathways. ECDA will consult the sector in the design of this framework, and will work closely with centre operators on its implementation.

ECDA will also explore various support measures to enable early childhood professionals to balance their responsibilities in the centres and their CPD training. For example, establishing a pool of trained relief teachers, and allowing flexible staffing requirements for centres during days that are designated for CPD.

In addition to the CPD Masterplan, ECDA will develop an Induction Framework and provide induction and mentoring resources to support new teachers in their professional growth and learning. More details on the manpower efforts shared today will be released over the course of next year – please refer to Annex B for an overview.




Professional Development Roadmap 


Key Roles and Responsibilities  Principal / Supervisor Mentor Principal / Supervisor

Organisational Leadership

  • Create centre vision to move staff towards a common goal
  • Manage internal resources
  • Provide guidance to centre leaders in strategic planning and administration

Curriculum Leadership

  • Provide leadership in the design and delivery of the curriculum
  • Build collaborative partnerships with the families and community
  • Mentor principals / supervisors in curriculum leadership
  • Establish platforms for collaborations and partnerships amongst centres and wider education community

Staff Development

  • Induct, mentor and guide staff in T&L and other areas
  • Develop staff to their full potential and achieve centre goals
  • Lead induction of newly appointed principals / supervisors
  • Mentor principals / supervisors in staff management and professional development


Key Roles and Responsibilities

Senior Teacher

Master Teacher

Quality Learning of Children

  • Conduct centre-based workshops and sharing on curriculum, pedagogies and assessment to support T&L
  • Assist in developing a culture of care and trust that enhances the well-being of children
  • Engage teachers in research and reflective practice
  • Support centre leaders in the implementation of centre-wide initiatives
  • Conduct master classes on curriculum, pedagogies and assessment to support T&L
  • Lead in developing a culture of care and trust that enhances the well-being of children
  • Lead in research and share findings to encourage reflective practice for continuous improvement of T&L
  • Partner centre leaders to plan centre-wide initiatives to bring about centre effectiveness and development
Professional Development of other Educators
  • Induct, mentor and coach beginning teachers, practicum trainees and teachers in T&L and other areas
  • Lead in establishing mentoring culture in centres
  • Identify and develop trained experienced teachers with potential to be Senior Teachers
Connection to Community
  • Lead in efforts to partner parents in helping children attain learning goals
  • Engage in conversations related to teaching and learning issues with centre teachers and leader
  • Promote partnerships with others to develop children holistically
  • Initiate conversations related to teaching and learning issues with senior teachers, centre leaders and other members of the wider education community
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