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Larger Families Will Get More Help With Child Care Subsidies

Please refer to Mr Alan Ong’s and Mdm Chen Shi Ning’s letters ‘More benefit with multi-tier approach’ and ‘Consider number of kids, not just household income‘ (The Straits Times, 25 Feb 2013).

We agree with Mr Ong and Mdm Chen that larger families with more dependents may need more help with the costs of infant and child care. Larger families may wish to have their subsidies assessed on a per capita income (PCI) basis. Those with incomes exceeding $7,500 may still qualify for the Additional Subsidy if their PCI is $1,875 or less. More information on the subsidy amounts based on PCI can be found on our website at

Mdm Chen also asked how a change in income might affect eligibility for the Additional Subsidy. We will re-assess household incomes every two years to minimise the disruption to families from frequent changes to subsidy amounts due to changes in income. Those families who wish to have their subsidy amounts reviewed can apply to have their incomes re-assessed at any time. 

Musa Fazal
Child Care Division
Ministry of Social and Family Development

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Published On Tue, Jan 29, 2013
Last Reviewed On Wed, Jun 15, 2016

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