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Singapore Government

Savings in Child Development Account

Savings in Child Development Account


Ms Lee Li Lian
MP for Punggol East SMC

To ask the Minister for Social and Family Development in respect of Singaporean children eligible for the Child Development Account (CDA) as of 31 December 2013

(a) what is the percentage of
(i) children who have not opened an account;
(ii) first-born and second-born children whose parents have not saved up to the maximum of $6,000 in their accounts;
(iii) children with maximum CDA savings whose savings are used up in the first 6 years; and

(b) what is the total amount of CDA funds used for education, healthcare and others respectively.


For the 2001 to 2005 birth cohorts, parents had 6 years to open and save into the CDAs. Of these cohorts, 3% of the children do not have CDAs.  For the 2006-2013 cohorts, so far 5% of the children do not have CDAs. As parents now have 12 years to open up and save in the CDA, we expect the percentage without CDA to fall over time (Table 1).

Table 1: Children with and without CDAs
Birth Cohort No. of Children eligible for CDAs (with co-savings) No. of Children with CDAs No. of Children without CDA
2001-2005 84,600 82,000 (97%) 2,600 (3%)
2006-2013 226,400 214,800 (95%) 11,600 (5%)

Information on parents who saved up to the maximum cap and those who also fully used the savings is provided at Table 2.  As there is now a longer period to save in the CDA, we expect the percentage for the 2006-2013 cohorts to rise over time.

Table 2: Savings in CDAs for first-born and second-born
Birth Cohort Birth Order No. of CDAs No. of CDAs saved to the maximum co-savings cap No. of CDAs saved to the cap and fully use **
2001-2005 Second-born only 56,600 41,100 (73% of 56,600) 4,700 (11% of 41,400)
2006-2013 First & Second born 172,400 82,000 (48% of 172,400) 7,800 (10% of 82,000)
* First-born children in the 2001-2005 cohorts were not eligible for CDAs with co-savings by parents.
** Refers to CDAs with balances of $50 and below at point of closure.

85% of CDA funds used have been for educational expenses such as child care centre and kindergarten fees. The remainder has been used for healthcare related expenses.
Table 3: Usage of CDA funds as at 31 Dec 2013
Birth Cohort Educational Healthcare
2001 to 2013 $1.56b (85%) 56,600
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