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More Convenience and Support for Couples through Enhanced ‘Our Marriage Journey’ Portal

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  • New online marriage registration process provides greater convenience
  • Digital process retains human touch
  • Couples and solemnisers can focus on building a strong marriage foundation

            From 25 September 2023, couples in Singapore will be able to have their marriage registered online. The enhanced ‘Our Marriage Journey’ (OMJ) portal by the Registry of Marriages (ROM) and the Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) will provide marrying couples with greater convenience and support.  

Online Marriage Registration: From Application to Registration

2.        The enhanced OMJ portal digitalises the entire marriage process, from application to the issuance of the digital Certificate of Marriage (COM). With both parties’ personal details pre-filled from Singpass, eligible couples can complete the necessary declarations digitally, without the need to verify their documents and sign their declaration in person at ROM or ROMM. Couples that are unable to apply for their marriage digitally can still do so in-person at ROM and ROMM. 

3.       The video-link solemnisation option that was introduced under the Covid-19 Temporary Measures Act will also become permanent, enabling couples to marry even if they are unable to do an in-person solemnisation.

4.       During the solemnisation ceremony, couples are no longer legally required to sign a hardcopy COM. Instead, couples will be issued a digital COM via email after the ceremony, which serves as proof of marriage. This saves couples the hassle of using and keeping a hardcopy certificate for verification purposes. It is also more convenient for solemnisers and Kadi/Naib Kadi who no longer have to return the signed certificate to ROM or ROMM or worry about misplacing it. ROM will issue the digital COM for couples who submit their marriage application on or after 25 Sep 2023, while ROMM will do so in 2024.

5.       In addition to the digital COM, ROM and ROMM will provide all couples with the option of a Ceremonial COM, and couples can choose to sign this certificate for keepsake as part of the solemnisation ceremony. Marriage is one of life’s most important milestones and we expect some couples may still wish to commemorate the occasion using wet ink signatures. 

6.        The enhanced marriage process is convenient and reduces administrative burden for couples, solemnisers and Kadi/Naib Kadi alike. This allows couples to focus on building a strong marriage, which is what truly matters. Through the OMJ portal, couples will be informed about marriage resources and programmes by community partners such as Families for Life and M3  , supported by MSF and MCCY. These include marriage preparation programmes and marriage mentoring programmes (Journey with You and Bersamamu for civil and Muslim marriages respectively). 

7.        Muslim couples, as part of the Bersamamu process, are required to meet their Kadi/Naib Kadi for a face-to-face session prior to their solemnisation day. With the enhanced OMJ, couples can now book the session online. 

8.        Registrar for the Registry of Marriages, Mr Timothy Pak said, “The digital transformation of the marriage journey will bring about greater convenience for couples and licensed solemnisers, while preserving marriage as an important institution.  With these enhancements, couples can focus on preparing for their married life together. Solemnisers can play a more active role in journeying alongside couples, laying the foundation for strong and enduring marriages,”

9.        Registrar for the Registry of Muslim Marriages, Mr Nor Razak Bin Bakar said, “Family is the oldest of all human institutions. Society flourishes when the family is strong. Embarking on a marriage requires secure foundations. Our Bersamamu initiative in partnership with M3 and MSF provides pre and post marriage support to couples in their first two years of marriage. The Kadi and Naib Kadi establish rapport with couples during their pre-marriage face-to-face interaction and develop lasting relationship to guide them in building a strong marriage and stable family. The administrative processes for this marriage support will be further improved with these new features in the Our Marriage Journey portal."

10.      Members of the public may visit https://www.marriage.gov.sg or call the ROM or ROMM hotline at 6338 7808 or 6337 0207 for queries regarding the civil and Muslim marriage processes, respectively.

11.       For more details on the marriage process, please refer to ANNEX A.