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Outreach & Support for Youth

Programmes, support and information systems to help our youth stay crime-free, be meaningfully engaged in school or work and to grow into resilient adults.

  • A school social work programme that delivers individualized support for youths, encouraging them to finish school or to help them if they have already dropped out.
  • A community-based outreach programme for youths aged 12-21 who are out of school and not working. The programme focuses on youths and their families and aims to coordinate assistance and services at the community level.
  • This is for the 3 ministries (MSF,MOE & MHA) to share information to better understand youth-at-risk and craft studies, policies and programmes more effectively. One of the modules is the Programme and Outreach Module (POM) for which parents' consent are sought.
  • ​A framework developed to focus on pedagogy and curriculum development, training and capability building of professionals in the use of sports and arts. 
  • ​An early intervention framework to support youth-at-risk (YAR) using evidence-based or evidence-informed services and/or programmes. 
Last Reviewed On Tue, Dec 20, 2016