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Services & Programmes for Elderly

We work closely with the Ministry of Health in developing integrated and holistic health-and-eldercare services and programmes to address physical, emotional and mental needs.

Our eldercare services reach out to vulnerable seniors with little family and social support to help them: 

  • live and grow old independently and with dignity
  • enhance their quality of life
  • grow old within their own homes or community.

Befriending Services

Befrienders are volunteers who provide these services:

  • make home visits
  • provide telephone befriending calls
  • organise outings
  • run errands
  • distribute rations
  • refer appropriate services for socially-isolated seniors with little social support. 
View the list of service providers for Befriending Services.

Counselling Services

The elderly and their family members can get professional counselling to manage their emotional health, personal and family challenges. 

View the list of service providers for Counselling Services.

Senior Activity Centres

Senior Activity Centres (SACs) are drop-in centres for needy and vulnerable seniors living HDB rental flats and studio apartments where seniors can take part in programmes and activities such as arts and crafts, singing, keep-fit exercise sessions, and outings. Seniors can visit these centres for more information on government schemes for the elderly.

SACs support seniors through providing these services:

  • communal space for social and recreational activities
  • information and referral
  • managing emergency alert response calls
  • monitoring frail and/or homebound elderly*
  • befriending*
  • elderly related services such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), medical consultation, and physiotherapy at market rates^

*Offered by centres located in rental blocks 

^Offered by centres located in studio apartments 

View the locations of the Senior Activity Centres

Senior Activity Centres (Cluster Support) 

Senior Activity Centres (Cluster Support) SAC(CS) aim to enhance the quality of life of vulnerable seniors living in the community, with little or no family support. This enables the elderly to remain in their own homes and community as far as possible.

Objectives of the SAC(CS) include: 

  • providing social support through monitoring, case management and counselling services
  • facilitating co-ordination of community-based care and support services 

View the locations of the Senior Activity Centres (Cluster Support).

Senior Group Homes (SGH) 

The Senior Group Homes (SGH) bring vulnerable seniors with some physical impairments together in a cluster of rental units. SGH provide them with daily living assistance through coordination of social and care services. 

The key concept of a SGH is enabled and assisted living for seniors residing in rental flats to continue living in the community through a mutually supportive environment. 

Visit Agency of Integrated Care for admission enquries. 

The Seniors Helpline (1800-555-5555)

Seniors aged 50 years and above, as well as their caregivers, can call the helpline for tele-counselling. They can also call the helpline to find out more about the available community resources they can receive. 

Sheltered Homes

Elderly who lack family support and need permanent accommodation plans can stay at Sheltered Homes. These homes are licensed under the Home for the Aged Act. 

View the locations of Sheltered Homes.

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