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Services & Programmes for Elderly

We work closely with the Ministry of Health (MOH) in developing integrated and holistic health-and-eldercare services and programmes to address physical, emotional and mental needs.

MSF is responsible for the service policy and planning of Senior Group Homes (SGH) and Sheltered Homes (SH).

Senior Group Homes (SGH)

The SGH cater to low-income elderly who are eligible for HDB rental flats and have little or no family support. The SGH programme is an assisted living model where the elderly can live independently with co-tenants, supported by community-based services including the Senior Activity Centre (SAC) and SAC Cluster Support.

Visit Agency for Integrated Care for admission enquiries.

Sheltered Homes

Low income elderly with little or no family support and in need of long-term accommodation can stay at MSF-licensed Sheltered Homes. The Social Service Agencies operate programmes to ensure the elderly are meaningfully engaged and supported in their daily activities, to prevent social isolation.

View Sheltered Homes for more information on the application process.

Other services and programmes

Since April 2018, MOH has overseen the service planning and delivery of the following services and programmes for the elderly:

Details of these services and other Community Care services can be found at Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) website.


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