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Supporting Vulnerable Elderly

We are the lead agency providing social support for vulnerable seniors and are part of the Ministerial Committee of Ageing (MCA). MCA works in partnership with other ministries and agencies to address these issues:

  • active ageing and employability
  • home care and family support,
  • development of health and social care services and facilities
  • manpower development for eldercare

MCA is chaired by Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister in charge of Ageing Issues and Minister for Health.

  • Find out more about assistance channels and options that are available for elderly parents who seek maintenance from children.
  • We work closely with the Ministry of Health in developing integrated and holistic health-and-eldercare services and programmes to address physical, emotional and mental needs.
  • Statistical indicators on the status of the Elderly, Surveys & Reports on the Ageing Population and websites of relevant agencies.