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aLife Ltd Marriage Preparation Programme aLife is a non-profit voluntary welfare organization dedicated to the promotion of Life. Founded by a group of ardent professionals in 2002 with a common goal to nurture and promote a healthy perspective towards fertility and family life. aLife offers marriage preparation programmes that are specially tailored to help couples gain a deeper understanding of each other. All sessions are conducted in a cozy group setting where couples will be guided by a trained facilitator through relevant topics, such as conflict management, financial management, communication and sexual intimacy. Group: S$100 view details
Alive Community Network Alive Marriage Preparation Alive Marriage Preparation Programme provides both group learning as well as opportunity for you as a couple to explore with a trained professional and issues that you may find important to talk about.
Group sessions will normally involve the facilitator sharing important insights on a marriage related topic and offering you opportunities to discuss various concerns. In the process you will fill up simple inventories, write about your preferences and discuss these with your partner.
There will be ample space in the meeting rooms for you to discuss matters with your partner and not worry that others will be hearing you.
While in groups, some couples may share their own thoughts and opinions. No one will be forced to share their personal stories if they do not want to do so.
Towards the end of the group classes, you will be able to work out dates for a couple session with a trained professional. This session will give you a chance to review your psychological profile and to better understand each other. You will also have the opportunity to crystallise your learning from the group sessions and raise possible concerns you have about marriage.
USP - Group Classes, Individual Sessions & activity based workshop such as cooking and financial advisory available.
Group: S$350 view details
Careworks Community Services Prepare - Enrich Over 3 Million Couples! Over the last 30 years, the Prepare/Enrich Relationship Assessment has empowered and energized more than 3 million couples. PE is the number one relationship inventory and couples assessment tool. Individual: S$300
Group: S$300
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Cornerstone Community Services Prevention & Relationship Enhancement Programme ® - Fighting For Your Marriage “Fighting for Your Marriage” is based on the “Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Programme” (PREP®). The PREP® programme is a sophisticated research-based marriage enrichment programme with proven results of low rates of premarital break-up and post marital divorce. The programme is based on more than 40 years of continual on-going research on marital success and distress.
The PREP® programme is founded by Dr Howard Markman and Dr Scott Stanley from the University of Denver, USA. The PREP® programme is internationally renowned and it has been featured in the New York Times and the founders have been interviewed on 20/20, 48 Hours, CNN, The Oprah Show, Good Morning America and The Today Show. Print media has included coverage in publications such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Psychology Today, The San Francisco Chronicle, Men's Health, to name a few.
The researchers have isolated several risk factors which can determine whether a marriage will be successful or not. Through interactive activities and discussions conducted by PREP® trained counsellors, participants will discover the working tools for a successful marriage.
Group: S$350 view details
Couples' Corner - A Service by Care Corner Counselling Centre The Story of Us - Marriage Preparation Programme For those who are keen to learn more about your partner’s needs and want to be more aware of your own needs, this is just the course for you. During the programme, you and your partner will find out more about how to communicate your needs to each other in a safe and intimate way, especially in time of conflict and disagreement. Having the ability to do so lays the foundation for a resilient marriage. Conducted in a group setting, you will find the learning journey an interesting and fruitful one as discussions, games and activities will be used to facilitate learning. Individual: S$350
Group: S$280
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EMCC (Eagles Mediation & Counselling Centre) Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP)

Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP) equips couples with the necessary skills in managing differences, making room for open communication and facilitating support for each other. The programme includes a marital and personality inventory, and caters to marrying couples, re-marrying couples, as well as married couples within the first year of marriage.

Please do note that MPP is designed to improve and strengthen couples' relationships and to provide useful skills in charting a fulfilling marriage roadmap. It is not intended to be a substitute programme for couples therapy or counselling treatment.

Last updated: February 2018

Individual: S$470
Group: S$370
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FaithActs Marriage@Werkz- Marriage Preparation Programme FaithActs Marriage @ Werkz seeks to help couples prepare for a successful lifelong marriage ...beyond the wedding ceremony.
Many couples believe that their love for each other is strong enough to weather any challenges in the marriage. However, constant effort and nurturing are needed for a life-long union.
FaithActs Marriage @ Werkz hopes to equip couples with the necessary knowledge and skills to help them build a strong marriage foundation and enhanced family life.
Through sessions that are filled with interactive and engaging activities, we strive to bring out the fun element of attending our sessions yet stimulating the learning capabilities of our participants.
FaithActs is a marriage preparation programme service provider under MSF Marriage Preparation Programme since 2012.
Group: S$350  (inclusive of the administering and discussion on Marriage instrument and inventory)

Individual: There will be an individual session covering the couple profiling following the DiSC Assessment for couples.  Pre-programme counselling available for couples who would like to know about the programme and their suitability to go through the programme. Cost ranges from S$30 to S$60 per hour per session.
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Family Life Society Couple Builder's Programme Our Couple Builder Programme enables couples to sit together with a trained therapist before marriage and discuss common issues and concerns that they may have regarding married life. The main goal of this programme is to prepare couples for an emotionally and mentally enriching life together. Individual: S$300 (Optional PREPARE/Enrich Inventory - $50 per couple) view details
Family Central – A Service by Fei Yue Community Service Marriage Preparation Course Many couples can go to great lengths to plan a perfect and memorable wedding but only those who prepare their marriage will reap rewards for many years to come. Marriage Preparation Programme helps to lay the foundation for lasting and happy marriage. It allows soon-to-wed couples to gain valuable insights into their individual strengths and weaknesses and learn practical skills to manage issues like in-law relationship, finance and conflict. This programme enables couples to be better prepared both mentally and emotionally for life together as husband and wife. Individual: S$450
Group: S$270
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Focus on the Family Singapore Ltd Connect2 1) Marriage Builders
Wedding days are celebrated feasts that commemorate the first day of a marriage. It is the start of a journey of a lifetime. Filled with ups and downs, peppered with the pressures and life and challenges of daily living, the big questions is: how does one stay committed to another “till death do us part”? There are no hard and fast answers to this question. A few key elements in marriage is being prepared, learning how to manage expectations and constantly seeking to strengthen your relationship.
2) Why Connect2?
Laying the foundations of a lifelong marriage goes beyond just preparing for a dream wedding. Knowing what to expect after you say, ""I do"" and learning how to handle 'for better or for worse' can lead to a lifetime of love and romance. Connect2 is a marriage preparation program that aims to help couples address issues that all newlyweds face, strengthen their marriage in the early years and learn how to really love each other- for life!
Individual: S$500 (Marriage Builder)
Group: S$300 (Connect2)
- Newlyweds Kit worth S$50
- Marriage solemnization (if requested)
- Licensed participant’s workbook per person
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Hearty Care Centre "It takes more than 2" We believe that marriage is not the end of a loving relationship. Our programme serves as an avenue for couples to prepare ahead the possible areas that may cause stress to their loving relationship and how minor things like personal likings, habits, and suspicious thoughts may cause a strong relationship to fall apart.
Our programme intends to address two main issues: know one-self and learning how to care for our partners in the way it is wanted by them.
Individual: S$299.60
Group: S$246.10
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Lutheran Community Care Services Our Love Journey The program is structured based on the couples’ MBTI Personality Profiling and customized Prepare & Enrich Marriage Profiling. There are three key components in the workshops:
• Counseling: Counsel couples to deal with relationship issues
• Coaching: Imparting of new knowledge and skills to improve couples’ relationship
• Facilitation: Facilitation of couples’ engagement in practical and interesting exercises; couples’ discussion of various topics of interests; couples’ communication about issues; facilitate and guide couples to explore ways of coping and managing their relationship issues
Key learning points gained by couples who have attended the program:
• An increased self-awareness and understanding of partner
• Effective communication and conflict resolution
• Realistic marriage expectations
• Goal setting
• Financial Management
Individual: S$520
(Cost includes S$140 worth of MBTI Personality Profiling, Prepare & Enrich Marriage Inventory & relevant materials)
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REACH Counselling One, Two, Three or Six? It is not about how many “C”s you have in life, but how the “C”s in your marriage can impact your life. “One, Two, Three or Six?” takes couples from the fundamentals of “What is marriage, love and commitment?” to learning critical communication and conflict management skills to maintain the emotional bonds between them and stay committed in their marriage. At the same time, couples are invited to deal with common marriage issues like finance, relating to in-laws, sex and family planning, to help build a strong foundation for a lasting marriage that may stay strong through the seasons. Individual: S$370
Group: S$320
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Shan You Counselling Centre Marriage Preparation Programme "Prepare for Marital Bliss" This programme is an investment for any couple preparing and planning for a healthy and enriching marriage and family life. Our 3-session course set in a caring atmosphere can assist soon-to-be married and married couples to lay a solid foundation for their lifelong, happy marriage. Each will gain valuable insights into their individual strengths and weaknesses and learn practical skills on topics ranging from communication, conflict resolution, relationship roles and expectations, sexual intimacy, financial management, and building relationship with in-laws.
The course has elements of discussion, sharing and psycho-education. Our facilitator can customise some parts of the programme to suit couple’s needs, on request. In the first session, we use the #1 relationship inventory and couples assessment tool , PREPARE/ENRICH to assist the couple to identify their unique strengths and potential growth areas of their relationship, Based on the couple’s assessment results, our trained facilitator will help the couple to understand each other and allows our facilitator to explore how to better prepare for marriage. The results also help to serve as a point of discussion. Couples are welcome to bring to the attention of our facilitator, from the range offered relevant topics to be covered in depth.
Our programme automatically provides one counselling session. This complimentary session allows couples to work on specific issue. Shan You Counselling Centre also offers counselling services to couples at any stage of their relationship.
Individual: S$350
(Complementary ONE counseling session for each couple after course completion.)
Group: S$280
(Complementary ONE counseling session for each couple after course completion)
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St. Andrew's Lifestreams Marriage Preparation Programme Marriage is like a tree that needs good soil and care so that its roots will grow deep to withstand strong winds and storms.
Prepare for a Lifelong Commitment – Invest Now!
Individual: S$350 view details
TOUCH Family Services Marriage Preparation Programme It is every couple’s desire that their marriage will be fulfilling and life-long. However a good and sustaining marriage does not just happen, it needs preparation and effort.
TOUCH MPP will help soon-to-be married couples lay the foundation for their marriage through our unique programme conducted by a husband-and-wife team, in the home of the instructors.
The topics covered will not only offer practical tips for newly weds but will also enhance a couple’s communication skills and conflict management. Couples will also gain valuable insights into individual strengths and weaknesses through personality profiling.
Individual: S$450

Group: S$290.00
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Woodlands Social Centre Building a Healthy Marriage This programme raises couples’ awareness and understanding of their expectations, feelings and current experiences of their relationship as well as the possible challenges they may encounter on their marriage journey. The learning and sharing during the sessions is enriching and helps to strengthen the commitment in couples to build a healthy lasting marriage. This programme is the choice of couples who prefer private sessions to discuss their issues. Individual: S$350 view details
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