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Assisted Deputyship Application Programme

Assisted Deputyship Application Programme

ADAP aims to make it simpler and more affordable for parents of children with no mental capacity to manage their own matters in adulthood to apply to Court to be appointed as deputies for their child. This allows parents to continue making legal decisions for their child after he or she turns 21 years old.

SG Enable supports parents by providing guidance to the parents in their deputyship application and the mental capacity assessment reports prepared by the psychologists at the Special Education Schools (SPED Schools), some Day Activity Centres (DACs) and Sheltered Workshops (SWs) are accepted by the Courts in place of a medical report.

Who is eligible for ADAP?

To be eligible for ADAP, one has to fulfil the criteria below: 

  1. Child is between 18 to 21 years old and in the graduating cohort in a SPED school or DACs and SWs offering ADAP;
  2. Parents are agreeable to use standard prayers in their Court application; and 
  3. Must be an uncontested case (i.e. straightforward application where family members and any other caregivers agree with the application). 

Who to contact for ADAP?

Parents may contact their child's SPED school/DAC/SW social worker for more information.

Where to get more information on ADAP?

Parents may refer to 'Mental capacity matters' under 'Legal Matters' of the Enabling Guide for more information on ADAP.

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