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Assisted Deputyship Application Programme (SPED School)

The ADAP helps parents of graduating cohorts in Special Education (SPED) schools apply to Court to be deputies for their child, so that they can continue to make legal decisions for their child after he or she turns 21. The combination of template forms, psychologist reports and assistance to guide parents to complete the application process reduces the cost and simplifies the application process for parents. 

Who is eligible for ADAP?

To be eligible for ADAP, one has to fulfil the criteria below: 

  1. Child is in the graduating cohort in a SPED school
  2. Parents are agreeable to use standard prayers in their Court application 
  3. Must be an uncontested case (i.e. straightforward application where family members and any other caregivers agree with the application) 

Who to contact for ADAP?

You may contact your child’s school social worker or transition planning coordinator for more information. ​

Click here to view a list of Frequently Asked Questions on ADAP. 

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Last Reviewed On Tue, Apr 30, 2019