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Pre-Court Diversionary Programmes

The Guidance Programme is a pre-Court diversionary programme for first-time juvenile offenders who have committed minor offences such as shoplifting.

These juveniles would be let off with a police caution instead of being charged in Court for the offences committed. The Guidance Programme was launched in October 1997 and is administered by MSF.

This unique initiative steers the juvenile away from the Court system, recognising the viability of providing an alternative opportunity for the juvenile to make amends and resolve against re-offending in the future.

The Guidance Programme is a voluntary six-month programme that focuses on counselling and rehabilitation with the active involvement of parents. It includes counselling sessions for the juvenile and his / her parents, groupwork, visits to the juvenile’s home, family camps and community service.

It aims to help the juvenile develop better self-control, take responsibility for his / her actions and acquire lifeskills. If the juvenile completes the Guidance Programme successfully, he / she will not be charged by the Police.​

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Last Reviewed On Fri, Jan 19, 2018

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