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Triage System

What is the triage system?

The triage system aims to assist in the early identification and diversion of youth offenders from the criminal justice system for upstream work. It involves a social worker (termed ‘triage officer’) who will interview the young person and his/her caregivers. Information gathered on their social background, risks and needs, together with the police investigation, would assist to form decisions on the appropriate response to the young person’s offending behaviour. The triage interview also serves as a touch point for early detection of social issues faced by the family. Regardless of the outcome of police investigation, the young person and his/her family will be linked up with community agencies when necessary.

The objectives of the triage system are as follows:
a) To divert suitable young person, who commit minor offences, from the criminal justice system; and
b) Provide timely intervention to young person and/or family regardless of outcome of police investigations.

How are youths referred for the triage system?

Youths may be referred for triage through the following ways:
a) Referral by Police Land Divisions
b) Referral by Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB)

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