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Community-based Rehabilitation

MSF has in place a range of community-based rehabilitative programmes for the rehabilitation of children and youth at risk of delinquency as well as children, youth and adults who have committed offences.
  • Probation is a community-based sentencing option by the Court for people who have committed offence(s). Probationers are supervised by a Probation Officer or a Volunteer Probation Officer for a period between 6 months to 3 years. The Probation Order includes a set of conditions for compliance to ensure the probationer's good conduct and prevent him from committing a further offence.
  • Community Service Order, Weekend Detention Order and Periodic Training Order are other options available to the Court.
  • The Guidance Programme is a pre-Court diversionary programme for first-time juvenile offenders who have committed minor offences such as shoplifting.
  • The triage system aims to assist in the early identification and diversion of youth offenders from the criminal justice system for upstream work.