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Student Care Centres

Student Care Centres

Student Care Centres (SCCs) provide care and supervision to school-going children aged 7 years (Primary 1) to 14 years (Secondary 2). SCCs provide a conducive environment for the children’s holistic development in various dimensions – physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral development, as well as a place to rest after school hours.

Student Care Centres provide a continuum of care for children as they enter primary school, and support working parents in the care arrangements for their school-going children.

Student care programme includes supervision of children’s homework, organised play, enrichment and recreational activities. Some centres organise excursion trips and camps for children during school holidays.

Student care centres in schools

In early 2008, then-Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports announced that MCYS (now known as Ministry for Social and Family Development)  would work with the Education Ministry to increase the number of school-based SCCs.

School-based SCCs provide an important form of care service to school-going children outside school hours in a familiar and safe environment. School-based centre also strengthens care provision and supervision as the children go directly from their classrooms to the SCC within the school, reducing students’ absenteeism and chances of being sidetracked while transiting between school and SCC located outside school premises.

In a way, the children from ‘high risk’ families will be kept away from negative influences and less likely to become school dropouts.

Operating Hours

Student care centres are opened from:

Monday – Friday: 7.30am or earlier to 6.30pm or later
Saturday: 7.30am or earlier to 1.30pm or later

Looking for a student care centre?

You can do an online search for a student care centre that suits your requirements.

  • Visit the Student Care portal.
  • Under 'List of Registered Student Care Centres', click on the 'Search' button for a full list of Student Care Centres registered with MSF.
  • To narrow your search criteria, you may key in keywords in the fields before clicking the 'Search' button.
  • Based on the search results, you can then contact your choice centre directly.

The Ministry does not recommend any particular centre. Parents are advised to check with the individual centre before making their selection.

Contact Us

Should you have any enquiries or feedback on child care centres, please click here to email us.

Student Care Fee Assistance (SCFA)

The Student Care Fee Assistance (SCFA) scheme helps eligible families by subsidising the children’s student care fees. The amount of subsidy will depend on the type of Student Care Centre that the child attends as well as the household income.

SCFA is also available to children with disabilities in Special Student Care Centres. For more information on this service, please visit

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