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Singapore Government

Nurturing & Protecting the Young

Parenthood is an exciting step in one’s life. It brings with it joy and laughter. But, to many, parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world as it means a lifelong commitment to provide a nurturing and warm loving home for your child.

The decision to be parents and the knowledge to be good parents are now available to guide you through life’s crucial moments. In addition, MSF encourages a healthy partnership between parents and professional establishments such as childcare centres and schools to enable a smoother parenting journey for you.

MSF also works to ensure that our children and youth have conducive environments to grow and develop into good citizens and socially responsible adults.

Empowering Families

MSF and Parenting Support Providers (PSPs) equips parents and young adults with skills to nurture positive family relationships. We work closely with schools, parent support groups and parent volunteers so that parents can easily get access to family life programmes that help them better connect with their children. We also work with local universities that reach out to young adults, helping them improve their social and relationship skills.

Early Childhood Development Centre and Student Care Centres & Services

Operating hours, assistance schemes, subsidies, guides to setting up a Early Childhood Development Centre, career opportunities.

Child Protection & Welfare

Children need a safe and nurturing environment for optimum growth and development. As far as possible, children should stay with their families in a stable and conducive environment. When families become dysfunctional or unsafe for their members, intervention is needed to ensure that the children are put in a safe and secure place for their well-being.

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