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Singapore Government

Strong and Stable Families

The family is an important institution. It brings fulfillment to our lives and is our anchor in this fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

Families serve as an important pillar of support for the nation. At the individual level, families are the primary source of emotional, social and financial support. At the national level, they contribute to social stability and national cohesiveness as they help develop socially responsible individuals and deepen the bond Singaporeans have with our country.

  • Parenthood is an exciting step in one’s life. It brings with it joy and laughter. But, to many, parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world.
  • The health of the family institution is critical to the society at large. Strong and stable families contribute to social stability and harmony.
  • When you are a couple, you build assets and work towards common goals. You make up for what the other lacks, caring, sharing thoughts and lives, and giving each other vital emotional support. Your life becomes more enriched. It’s all about the Power of Two.
  • The Strengthening Families Programmes@FSC ("FAM@FSC") provides marriage support, divorce support and family counselling in 10 centres across Singapore.

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