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How to help someone who is abused


  • Approach him privately, and make him feel understood.
  • Express your concern and encourage him to share his feelings. Be patient and take time to listen.
  • Offer to accompany him to see a doctor if he sustains physical injuries.
  • Inform him about sources of help and provide him with emotional and practical support.
  • Help take care of his children or accompany him to the help agencies if needed.
  • Respect his decision¬†and assure him of your support if he decides to seek help.



  • Don't downplay the violence and tell him that everything will be fine.
  • Don't try to solve his problem and insist that he must do what you say.
  • Don't judge or criticise his decision even if he shows that he is not ready to do something positive about it.¬†
  • Don't lose your patience. Continue to support him and keep in touch with him.
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Last Reviewed On Tue, Apr 9, 2019