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Pro-Family Leave Schemes

Pro-Family Leave Schemes

The Marriage & Parenthood Package is designed to help you fulfil your family aspirations. The package comprises a comprehensive range of measures to address our evolving needs as we move through life - from marriage, to becoming parents, and raising children. 

The Pro-Family Leave Schemes under this package aims to foster an overall pro-family environment in Singapore. These leave schemes provides more support to Singaporeans in terms of having and raising children.

Government-Paid Maternity Leave (GPML) 

Working mothers are entitled to maternity leave under the GPML scheme so as to have sufficient time to recover from childbirth and care for newborns. 

Government-Paid Paternity Leave (GPPL)

Working fathers are entitled to paternity leave under the GPPL scheme so as to encourage and support shared parental responsibility.

Government-Paid Shared Parental Leave (SPL)

In addition to the GPPL scheme, working mothers have the option to share part of their maternity leave to their husbands under the SPL scheme.

Government-Paid Child Care Leave (GPCL) and Enhanced Child Care Leave (ECL) 

The early growing up years of the child are precious. The GPCL and ECL schemes aim to enable working parents to spend quality time with their children and care for them.

Government-Paid Maternity Benefit (GPMB)

The GPMB scheme supports working mothers who do not qualify for the GPML scheme, especially those under short-term employment periods.

Adoption Leave for Mothers (AL)

Adoptive mothers are entitled to adoption leave under the AL scheme so as to have sufficient time to care for and bond with the child. 

Unpaid Infant Care Leave (ICL)

As the initial years of caring for a child can be more demanding, working parents are entitled to ICL so as to have additional time to care for and bond with the child.

Reimbursement claims for any of the leave schemes are to be made by employers or the self-employed. For GPMB, the mother will have to submit the claim herself. Claims can be submitted online via our GPL Portal, which is a one-stop transactional portal for these schemes.

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