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Singapore Government

Supporting Families

Supporting Families

The health of the family institution is critical to the society at large. Strong and stable families contribute to social stability and harmony.

A good family which nurtures and inculcates positive values in their children, will help them grow up to be responsible adults.

The Ministry initiates many family policies and programmes aimed at creating a total social environment conducive to family formation and the strengthening of family ties.

  • Adoption is a legal process by which the rights and responsibilities for a child are given up by one set of parents and undertaken by another.
  • Children bring joy to the family. The Baby Bonus Scheme supports parents’ decision to have more children by helping to lighten the financial costs of raising children.
  • The Commissioner helps parents who are unable to support themselves get support from their children through mediation, counselling, etc.
  • Families for Life aims to promote strong and resilient families in a genuine and positive way, by bringing Singaporeans together and strengthening the conversation on family.
  • FSCs are a key community-based focal point and social service provider for families in need. FSCs are staffed with professional social workers who are ready to provide a listening ear and helping hand.
  • Government-Paid Leave Schemes aims to foster an overall pro-family environment by providing more support to Singaporeans in terms of having and raising children. 
  • MSF believes that the family is the basic building block of society. MSF also provides Family Protection & Welfare Services.
  • Family violence is not just a private matter. Everyone has a duty to stop it. Everyone has a right to be safe from family violence.
  • Empowering Parents with the resources, knowledge and skills to build a strong, happy family. Sign up for Triple P Online now!
  • Encouraging businesses to adopt strategies, infrastructure and services that cater to families.
  • The Strengthening Families Programme@FSC ("FAM@FSC") provides marriage support, divorce support and family counsellng in 10 centres across Singapore.

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Seeking Maintenance from Children

Elderly or needy parents can seek financial maintenance from their children who are capable of supporting them, but are not doing so. Parents can seek maintenance using mediation, or by going to court to take legal action against their children.