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Family Research Network (FRN)

FRN brings together a network of academics, policy-makers and practitioners through a regular series of discussions on family research.

To view past forums' presentation slides, resources and reports, please click here.


  1. To promote a multi-disciplinary approach and greater expertise on family research through sharing of new research findings and developments.
  2. To identify new areas of research interests and facilitate research collaboration between government and the research communities.
  3. To develop a stronger research and evidence base for family policies.

Events & Activities

The FRN is held twice a year and is currently managed by our partner, the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS). 

Target Audience

The FRN is targeted at the academic staff and post-graduate students of universities and affiliated research institutes, practitioners such as staff of voluntary welfare organisations, and policy-makers on family issues in Singapore.



Since inception, the Ministry has held seven FRN Forums and the average attendance at each forum has grown from about 100 persons to 180 persons.  The FRN had also co-sponsored three international conferences and funded 27 research projects under our Family Research Fund since 2008. 

The FRN logo has since been refreshed. The new FRN logo continues to emphasise the centrality of the family, both in our lives and in the work of the FRN. 

The colours of green and blue represent the nurturing and stability that a family brings to its members. The colour green signifies growth and renewal, reflecting the objectives of the Network to promote family research and to strengthen the local evidence base for the family. 

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