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Research & Data Series

Statistics and research reports complied by MSF.

Includes statistics - brief snapshots, topline data and info-graphics, commissioned or compiled under the Ministry’s purview.


Statistics and Data Tables


Key Indicators

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Data Tables: Social SupportData Tables: Childhood-related 

Data Tables: At-Risk YouthsData Tables: Marriage 

Data Tables: Family/Child ProtectionData Tables: Disabilities & Special Needs 

Data Tables: Maintenance of ParentsData Tables: Lasting Power of Attorney/Mental Capacity Act 

Data Tables: GenderData Tables: Gambling Issues 



  • Full report in Insight Series.


  • Full report below, in Series Papers

Statistics Series Papers

In-depth findings of individual research studies and surveys, commissioned or compiled under the Ministry’s purview.

Research Series 

MSF Peer-Reviewed Papers

MSF Peer-Reviewed Papers  

Please click here to view the papers under this category. Examples include:

  • Criminal attitudes and psychopathic personality attributes of youth gang offenders in Singapore
  • Implementation of the Risk-Need-Responsivity Framework across the Juvenile Justice Agencies in Singapore
  • Violence risk and gang affiliation in youth offenders: A recidivism study
  • Childhood Abuse and Delinquency: A Descriptive Study of Institutionalized Female Youth in Singapore