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MSF Youth Homes: Completion & Recidivism Rate

MSF Youth Homes: Completion & Recidivism Rate

The MSF Youth Homes (i.e. Singapore Boys’ Home and Singapore Girls’ Home) function as a Place of Detention and a Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre for youths who are in conflict with the law, as well as a Place of Safety for youths who are beyond parental control or in need of care and protection. The Youth Court may order a youth to reside in the MSF Youth Homes, when it has assessed that community-based options are unsuitable or inappropriate based on the youths’ risks and needs.

The Homes offer academic, rehabilitative and holistic development programmes to meet the needs of the youths and their families so that the youths can reintegrate into society as socially responsible persons.

Completion* Rates (%) for Cohort Discharged from MSF Youth Homes in the Specified Year

Cohort 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Completion Rate (%) 86.0 91.0 85.4 90.1 85.0 94.0 85.7 80.4 87 91.7 
Total 86.0 91.0 85.4 90.1 85.0 94.0 85.7 80.4 87 91.7

*Cases refer to all residents at the MSF Youth Homes.
*Non-completion comprises:
- Youths who offend/re-offend during the term of residence at the Homes and are sentenced to Reformative Training/Prisons as a result
- Youths who breach their orders due to unruly behaviour in the Homes


3-year Recidivism Rates (%) of Residents Aged Below 21 Years at the Point of Admission to MSF Youth Homes and who were Discharged in the Specified Year

Cohort 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 
Recidivism Rate (%) 40.0 35.2 30.4 39.7 42.4 44.6 30.9 25.0 
Total 40.0 35.2 30.4 39.7 42.4 44.6 30.9 25.0 

^Cases refer to only offender case types discharged from MSF Youth Homes.
^Recidivism Rate calculated based on a 3-year time frame, for offender case types only. With effect from the 2003 cohort, a more comprehensive methodology for calculating recidivism was introduced.

Download: MSF Youth Homes Completion Recidivism Rate

Source: Ministry of Social and Family Development 

Updated as of 2 Jun 2022

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