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MSF Youth Homes: Completion & Recidivism Rate

MSF Youth Homes cater to juveniles who are at risk, or have gotten into trouble with the law, but whose behaviour and circumstances render community-based options inappropriate or unsuitable.

These Homes offer rehabilitative programmes to help and develop the juveniles so that they can reintegrate into society as socially responsible persons.

Completion Rate (%)

  • Completion Rate: 92.0   (Cases^ closed in 2010)
  • Completion Rate: 90.0   (Cases^ closed in 2011)
  • Completion Rate: 86.0   (Cases^ closed in 2012)
  • Completion Rate: 91.0   (Cases^ closed in 2013)
  • Completion Rate: 92.0   (Cases^ closed in 2014)
  • Completion Rate: 95.0   (Cases^ closed in 2015)
  • Completion Rate: 84.0   (Cases^ closed in 2016)
  • Completion Rate: 94.0   (Cases^ closed in 2017)


Recidivism Rate* (%)

  • Recidivism Rate : 34.4   (Cases# closed in 2007)
  • Recidivism Rate : 31.1   (Cases# closed in 2008)
  • Recidivism Rate : 31.1   (Cases# closed in 2009)
  • Recidivism Rate : 40.0   (Cases# closed in 2010)
  • Recidivism Rate : 35.2   (Cases# closed in 2011)
  • Recidivism Rate : 28.6   (Cases# closed in 2012)
  • Recidivism Rate : 39.7   (Cases# closed in 2013)
  • Recidivism Rate : 42.4   (Cases# closed in 2014)

* Recidivism Rate calculated based on a 3-year time frame, for offender case types only. With effect from the 2003 cohort, a more comprehensive methodology for calculating recidivism was introduced.

^Cases refer to all residents at the MSF Youth Homes.
# Cases refer to only offender case types discharged from MSF Youth Homes.


Source: Ministry of Social and Family Development 

Statistics correct as at 25 February 2019.

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Last Reviewed On Fri, Mar 22, 2019

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